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Forbes returned with the roses, and simultaneously Mr. Evringham saw Essex Maid arching her neck as she picked her steps past the window. "By the way," he said curtly, "let Zeke take the Maid back to the barn. I'll not ride to-day." "It's very fine weather, sir," protested Mrs. Forbes. "I'll not ride. I'll wait here for Dr. Ballard." The housekeeper went forth to give the order. "I never saw Mr.

And then: "You have made friends with my little maid, and I owe you somewhat for bringing her safe home." "Nay," said I; "the debt is mine, inasmuch as I have the little one for my friend. 'Tis long since I have held a trusting child in my arms, I do assure you, sir." He bowed as grandly as any courtier.

She'll never lead the minds of school children anywhere that will greatly benefit them." "And your deduction is " "That she would make you a kind, careful, obedient maid, who is capable enough to be taught to wash your hair and manicure you with deftness, and who would serve you for respect as well as hire. I think it would be a fine arrangement for you and good for her."

When her friends are buzzing round her at Brighton or anywhere else and the dog would be in the way, it has to spend whole days alone with the maid, but if you want Lena to go with you anywhere where she doesn't want to go instantly she trots out the excuse that she couldn't be separated from her dog. Have you ever come into a room unobserved and heard Lena talking to her beloved pet?

"Oh, give to me my gui-l'annee, I pray you, Monseigneur; The king's princess doth ride to-day, And I ride forth with her. Oh! I will ride the maid beside Till we come to the sea, Till my good ship receive my bride, And she sail far with me. Oh, donnez-moi ma gui-l'annee, Monseigneur, je vous prie!"

Cynthia took her through the hot-houses and gave her all the flowers she liked to pick, to still that longing cry of hers. Cynthia Lennox had fine hot-houses kept by an old colored man, the husband of her black cook. Her establishment was very small; her one other maid she had sent away early that morning to make a visit with a sick sister in another town.

"I am very glad to see you," he said, "but if I had had any idea that you really wished to see me I would have spared you the trouble of coming to such an outlandish place." "Oh, I can assure you that I have rather enjoyed it," she answered him. "My coachman believes that I am mad, and my maid is sure of it. Won't you introduce me to your friend your sister, perhaps?"

After all, the maid might have discovered that the draught was turned, and in that case she was saved and he was lost. Chance would decide between them.

So the Maid prevailed, and the Duc was entrusted with the command of the army, second only to the Maid herself, who was distinctly placed at the head of all whose word was to be supreme; whilst the King's fiat went forth that no Council should be held without her, and that she was to be obeyed as the head in all things!

When the humming of his engine had died away Willa addressed herself to the cowering maid. "You can walk back now, and tell your employer that you have failed. Tell her, too, that your services are no longer required, and mind you stay only long enough to pack your things, for if I find you there on my return, I'll show you what we do to spies where I come from!"