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"There's nobody to introduce us, and I can't really see how we can do otherwise than ignore them. I certainly am not going to stand on deck and make eyes at them, to try and pick up an acquaintance with them, even if I am of a Byronic strain." "You forget," said Kidd, "two essential features of the situation.

And while he yet inwardly mused on his position, Bunce bent over him, and taking his thin wrinkled hand, patted it gently. "Good-bye for the present, David!" he said, kindly "We are on the mend we are certainly on the mend! We hope the ways of nature will be remedial and that we shall pick up our strength before the winter fairly sets in yes, we hope we certainly may hope for that " "Mr.

The best way is to let the ferret come out of its own choice, and then pick it up very quietly, for if you grab at it, it is likely to become what we call a "stopper;" and never on any account force a ferret to go into a hole. always muzzle them. The old-fashioned style of muzzle is, I think, the best, that is, made with string.

He touched the drawing of the one in the air and pointed toward our port hole and looked questioningly at the beetle. The insect inspected the flyer in space and nodded. "Good!" cried Jim. "That's the third of the trio who came ahead as scouts. Get your gun ready, First Mortgage: we're going to pick him off." Our ship approached the doomed Mercurian.

Your true golfer is easily roused in times of misfortune; and there was a red gleam in the eye of the professor turned to me. "I shall pick my ball up," he growled. We walked on in silence to the second tee. He did the second hole in four, which was good. I did it in three, which unfortunately for himy was better. I won the third hole. I won the fourth hole. I won the fifth hole.

You look still happier at that. Then you walk over to the mantel, pick up the photograph of your boy that's there by that china dog and kiss it. I won't tell you how to do that. Remember who he is and do it your own way, only let us see your face.

These "good times" had consisted in an occasional dance or visit to the theatre, and had been the oases in a dull life of idleness varied only by occasional hours when she would pick up her father's materials, and, without permission, would work on one of his unfinished pictures, or else make lively sketches of his friends, to his unfailing amusement.

But I've a bone to pick with you, young lady. What d'ye mean by not writing to me more regular? Not even so much as a post-card these last three days!" "Will I, I couldn't. I was too anxious while it all remained in suspense." "Yes, but you might have sent me a card. I told you cards would satisfy me. I was thinking of you off and on all yesterday.

"The good woman then went out and fetched a chicken from the roost, which she killed, and began to pick, without asking any questions. Then, summoning her son, who was in bed, to her assistance, she began to prepare this chicken for our supper.

"Gee! that's lucky," thought Pepper, running to where the stick lay and, stooping to pick it up when, to his astonishment and terror, the supposed stick glided from under his hand and he saw that he had been about to grasp a large-sized snake.