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"Then," I ventured, "may I hope to receive the reward, fair lady?" She laughed, a little tremor of nervousness in the sound, but her eyes full of challenge. "And what is that?" "Your name; the hope of better acquaintance." Her eyes swept my uniform questioningly. "You are not of the garrison?" "No; a courier just arrived from New York." "Yet an officer; surely then you will be present to-night?"

Miss Prudence was moving around easily, giving a touch to something here and there, and after closing the piano slipped away; and, before they knew it, they were alone, standing on the hearth rug looking gravely and almost questioningly into each others' eyes.

Wherefore Swan and Lone were going to look over the ground before others had trampled out what evidence there might be in the shape of footprints. They reached the spot where the team had stopped of its own accord in crossing a little, green meadow, and had gone to feeding. Lone pulled up and half turned in the saddle, looking at Swan questioningly.

"You been seeing things?" "No I don't be seeing things, Lone. But sometimes I been like I feel something." He stared at Lone questioningly. "What you think, Lone, if you be sitting down eating your supper, maybe, and you feel something say words in your brain? Like you know something talks to you and then quits." Lone gave Swan a long, measuring look, and Swan laughed uneasily.

The Indian stood like a statue before the shelter of fir boughs, looking neither to the right nor the left until General Herkimer appeared and said to him, questioningly: "You have come from Captain Brant?" It is hardly necessary for me to set it down that, some time before this, Thayendanega had been given a commission in the British service.

After she heard the first words, she looked up swiftly and questioningly at her husband, but he stood at some little distance from her, right out of the flickering circle of yellowish light made by the burning tallow-candle. He was as rigid as a statue, standing in his usual attitude with legs apart and hands buried in his breeches pockets. She could not see his face.

The light from the sinking sun gleamed in red and gold flame across the silver waters, and on the wooded island the boughs of the trees seemed to be touched with fire. "That's where we are to stay," said Henry, pointing to the little island. "No Indian will ever trouble us there." "Why?" asked Paul, looking at him questioningly. "Wait and you'll see," replied Henry.

His hands were cupped to receive the life blood of the victim the red nectar that at Opar would have filled the golden sacrificial goblets. La approached with upraised knife, her face turned toward the rising sun and upon her lips a prayer to the burning deity of her people. The High Priest looked questioningly toward her the brand was burning close to his hand and the faggots lay temptingly near.

She has spent days at a time there ever since she was big enough to go that far from home." "It's strange that she has not mentioned it to me," said the woman troubled in spite of the Ranger's reassuring words. The man directed his attention suddenly to his horse; "Max! You let Sibyl's roses alone." The animal turned his head questioningly toward his master. "Back!" said the Ranger, "back!"

As Martin looked at her questioningly, Rose felt suddenly unable to muster an argument for the additional sleeping-rooms.

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