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The cloak off, he stood in a velvet coat, white leather breeches, and top-boots. The coat was fastened round the waist by a belt in which were a pair of pistols. A broad-brimmed hat covered his head and shaded his face. With the same rapidity with which he had removed his garment that might have hindered his climbing the wall, he began to scale it.

All at once she saw a little man dressed entirely in green, with jacket, breeches, and high peaked hat, seated in the hedge, staring at her. She was paralysed with terror for a moment, then recovering herself, she called to her brother to come round and see the little green man. When he arrived the dwarf had disappeared.

Having joined a ship bound for China, he set sail with the proverbial light heart and light pair of breeches, to which we may add light pockets. His heart soon became somewhat heavier when he discovered that his captain was a tyrant, whose chief joy appeared to consist in making other people miserable.

Jeanne was kneeling by the window, her head thrown back and the moonlight on her upturned face. When she woke in the dawn the Maid was already up, trussing the points of her breeches and struggling with her long boots. She was crooning the verse of a ballad: "Serais je nonette' Crois que non " and looking with happy eyes at the cool morning light on the forest. "Up, sleepy-head," she cried.

They had never seen a Scotch regiment before, and were consequently somewhat puzzled at the costume; till at last, one more cunning than the rest explained it by saying: 'They are in such a hurry to kill the poor black men that they came away without their breeches." "Now, what say you?" cried the skipper, as he pointed with his telescope to a dark-blue mass in the distance; "see there!"

The squire had risen at sound of his name, and now went to the door, glad enough to shake himself free from that awful oppression which hung on the cottage like a weight of evil. "What is it, Mat?" he asked. A man in rough shirt and coarse breeches and with high boots reaching up to the thigh was standing humbly in the doorway.

And because I would gladly, for some short while, a year at least, take a little rest and breathing time from the toilsome labour of the military profession, that is to say, be married, I have desisted from wearing any more a codpiece, and consequently have laid aside my breeches. Why the codpiece is held to be the chief piece of armour amongst warriors.

Some books which had been my father's were stored in shelves in the room I used to occupy when at Cambridge. Passing my eye over them, an old dark quarto attracted my attention. It must be a Bible, I said to myself, perhaps a rare one, the "Breeches" Bible or some other interesting specimen. I took it from the shelves, and, as I did so, an old slip of paper fell out and fluttered to the floor.

But he reflected that he had no right to do this that the secret was not his own to give away. His fear restrained him also. He looked into Pete's face, so full of manly sorrow, and shuddered to think of it transformed by rage. "Sit hard, gentlemen. Breeches' work here," shouted Crow. They were at the top of the steep descent going down to Laxey.

"But I didn't." "Oh, I thought your friend in the riding-pants was chummy." "So did I!" She rather snorted. "Well, he's a nice-looking lad. I did admire those pants. I never could wear anything like that." "I should hope not at dinner! The creepy jack-ass, I don't believe he's ever been on a horse in his life! He thinks riding-breeches are the " "Oh, that's it. Breeches, not pants."