Therefore he argues, as it is expressly permitted by the Bible, it does not in itself involve any sin; but that every Christian is authorised by the Divine Law to own slaves, provided they were not treated with unnecessary cruelty. The Rev.

Do you think ministers are old fogies that the Bible belongs to the dark ages? Tell me bow you treat your parents, and I will tell you how your children will treat you. A man was making preparations to send his old father to the poorhouse, when his little child came up and said: "Papa, when you are old shall I have to take you to the poorhouse?" Do you never write home to your parents?

You know they have found that a good lot of the Bible is all rot." "I think they are a pack of asses," said Hubert, savagely, his opinions accentuated by dislike of his questioner. "Indeed I am not going." "Whew-w! You surprise me, Hubert. I thought you were a bit of a sceptic yourself?" "So I am, but I am not proud of the fact.

At the sound of a new voice the lady in the bower started, as he could see by her outline through the crevices of the wood-work and creepers. The minister looked surprised. 'You will lend me your Bible, sir, to assist my memory? he continued. The minister held out the Bible with some reluctance, but he allowed Somerset to take it from his hand.

Not a word of his wickedness and cruelty, not a breath of the Hebrew spirit, but simply an estimate of his "fortune." This is the way in which the Romanized Jew continued the historical record of the Bible, substituting foreign superstitions about fate and fortune for the Jewish idea that all human history is a manifestation of God.

This was said in a tone so unusually serious, that I looked up from the cradle in surprise, which her solemn aspect, and pale, tearful face, did not tend to diminish. Before I could ask the cause of her dejection, she added quickly "Dare you read a chapter from the Bible to a dying man?" "Dare I? Yes, certainly! Who is ill? Who is dying?"

I read to him also the thirty-fourth chapter of Jeremiah, wherein the sad prophet of Israel records the denunciations by Jehovah of sword, pestilence, and famine against the Jews for not proclaiming liberty to their servants and handmaids. He had not known before that there were such passages in the Bible.

Jenny and Jack had also been taught their letters; and though they were not to go to Sunday school till the spring, they had already learned from Bessie a good deal of Bible knowledge.

When he approached the conclusion of his sermon, Brother Peter closed with a bang the Bible, which, although he could not read a word of it, always lay open before him while he preached, and delivered the concluding exhortation of his sermon.

These are the words of the Bible! OLD M. Wouldst thou have me curse my son? FRANCIS. By no means, father. God forbid! But whom do you call your son? Him to whom you have given life, and who in return does his utmost to shorten yours. OLD M. Oh, it is all too true! it is a judgment upon me. The Lord has chosen him as his instrument. FRANCIS. See how filially your bosom child behaves.