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It was at Chattanooga, the winter of 1862-63, that fate brought us together and riveted our destinies. She had a fine contralto voice and led the church choir. Doctor Palmer, of New Orleans, was on a certain Sunday well into the long prayer of the Presbyterian service. Bragg's army was still in middle Tennessee. There was no thought of an attack. Bang! Bang!

Suddenly his weakening knees stiffened under him, and he reached swiftly for the rifle on the ground at his feet. Slowly and deliberately he raised it, cocked it, rested it across a log, and took deliberate aim at the center of the man's face twenty paces away. "Bang!" The crack of the rifle sounded loud and sharp in the tense stillness.

'What a row the brute makes! said the indefatigable man with the moustaches, appearing near us. 'Serve him right. Transgression punishment bang! Pitiless, pitiless. That's the only way. This will prevent all conflagrations for the future. I was just telling the manager... He noticed my companion, and became crestfallen all at once.

It is some one crying and it isn't a grown-up person." Martha ran and shut the door and turned the key, but before she did it they both heard the sound of a door in some far passage shutting with a bang, and then everything was quiet, for even the wind ceased "wutherin'" for a few moments. "It was th' wind," said Martha stubbornly.

When you next see them, You can give them that. Attention! I'm going to begin again. That's for Lantier, that's for your sister. That's for you. Bang! Bang! Margot at her tub. Bang! Bang! Beating rub-a-dub " The others were obliged to drag Virginie away from her. The tall, dark girl, her face bathed in tears and purple with shame, picked up her things and hastened away. She was vanquished.

Newnham following at a slower gait. Bang! bang! bang! "Hi, there, Riley!" roared Tom promptly. "Saddle two horses as quickly as you can. Harry, make ready to follow with me as soon as the horses are ready." "Is anything wrong?" inquired the president. He was answered by more explosions in the distance. "I'm afraid so," Tom muttered, showing his first trace of uneasiness.

The play was a little different from the story in some books. In one scene a bad fairy sets off a lighted fire cracker under the palace of the princess. And on the stage, when this happened, there was a loud banging noise, just as Bert and Nan had often heard on the Fourth of July. "Bang'!" went the fire cracker. "Oh!" cried Nell, and she gave a little jump, she was so surprised.

The low bang brings into striking relief all the hard lines of her face and gives the impression that she has pugilistic tendencies. To insure artistic balance to her countenance, and bring out the womanly strength and vital power of her face, her hair should be arranged in coils, puffs, or braids that will give breadth to the top of her head as shown by No. 6.

Bang! went the gun, and the fox received the full charge directly in the left ear. It keeled over, and Giant sent the second charge of his double-barreled weapon into the second fox, and that, too, went down and lay quivering in its death agonies. It took the young hunters some time to recover from the excitement of the occurrence.

Village children love to touch the long, ripe, brown capsules on the top with one timid finger, and then jump away, half laughing, half terrified, when the mild-looking little plant goes off suddenly with a small bang and shoots its grains like a catapult point-blank in their faces. It is in the tropics, however, that these elastic fruits reach their highest development.