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The last rays of the setting sun shone upon her, and gleamed over the altar upon the shining clasps of the Bible, which lay open at the words of the prophet Joel, "Rend your hearts and not your garments, and turn unto the Lord." "That was just a chance," people said; but do things happen by chance? In the face of Anne Lisbeth, lighted up by the evening sun, could be seen peace and rest.

When Bubbles entered Blicker's drug-store, the city clocks were striking a quarter to twelve, but the place was still brightly lighted, and at the soda-counter a young man was treating his flame to a glass of chocolate vanilla ice-cream. Bubbles marched to the prescription counter, and began to unwrap a bloody handkerchief from his left hand. Then he began to clear his throat. This brought Mr.

While he waited for an answer to his ring he looked about him. He was in a sort of yard which was almost entirely filled up by the sculptor's studio, a long structure lighted at one end as it seemed from the roof, and at the other by the usual north window. At the end of the yard rose a huge many-storied building which seemed to be a factory of some sort.

His face lighted with a happy solution of his thought; he put the bark hastily in his pocket. Then he bent over and kissed the faded lips, and straightway made his stealthy exit, latching the door behind him.

"You are difficult," said Ingram. "You must be indulgent." Ingram lighted a new cigar and appeared lost in reflection a little while. "There is only one thing, then, I can suggest," he said at last. "And that is?" asked Morgan, in a tone that clearly indicated his belief that he was beyond all suggestions. "You can be my ghost.

Within the pass we lighted upon the ground of the Mormon encampment. It had been their halting-place of the night before. The wolves were prowling among the smouldering fires whose half-burnt faggots still sent up their wreaths of filmy smoke. We now knew the history of the captured waggon and slain teamsters. Our guide had learnt it from the Utah messenger.

"And yet, if we go into the lighted part of the gardens, they will soon discover us, now that they have, as it appears, gained a knowledge of my dress." "Then put it off," said Joey. "But they know my person even better," rejoined the domino. "Your conduct, sir, has been so kind, that perhaps you would be inclined to assist us?"

"A retired Chinese sailor called Ah-Fang-Fu, but better known as 'Pidgin. His establishment is called locally 'The Pidgin House." "Ah." The Commissioner lighted a cigarette. "And you know of no other house which might be selected for such a purpose as I have mentioned?" "I can't say I do, sir.

At length the countenance of an old squaw lighted up, and in low tones she said, "He was a bery good smoker." The welcome words were instantly caught up by all, and with renewed strength each one moved on, and rejoicing at the solution of the dilemma, exclaimed, "He was a bery good smoker."

The logs broke into a crackling blaze just at this moment, and lighted up that luxurious hearth and the two figures beside it. It was the prettiest thing imaginable in the way of a drawing-room, that spacious low-ceiled chamber in the Abbey House.