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All the while the little mother sees far beyond the Ghetto, out into the great world, grand auditoriums, breathless crowds, countless lights, nobles granting trinkets, bravos from a thousand throats, Nathan surrounded by endless wreaths of laurel, Oh, it is all too much, "Nathan! Nathan! you are playing far too fast.

After dinner everybody gathered round the great fire, which the servant had piled with logs, while the flames, and the wreaths of smoke from the four pipes alternately revealed and concealed the rough sketches of all sorts landscape, portrait, genre legacies of bygone visitors, wherewith the walls of the salle a manger were covered.

It was the day before Christmas, a beautiful, mild day, very unlike the usual winter weather in the far West. At the Ellistons' windows hung wreaths of pine, and all about on tables and chairs tempting-looking packages were lying.

Just by a public-house that formed the angle of a lane with the High Street, and which was all ablaze with light and all alive with clamour, he beheld the graceful baron leaning against the threshold, smoking his cigar, too refined to associate its divine vapour with the wreaths of shag within, and chatting agreeably with a knot of females, who were either attracted by the general excitement, or waiting to see husband, brother, father, or son, who were now joining in the chorus of "Blue forever!" that rang from tap-room to attic of the illumined hostelry.

Smoke was coming from the chimney of the cabin, had indeed been curling softly into the soft evening air all the time but now other wreaths of smoke were rising, and these were from the cabin door. "It's on fire that's all," said Peter, calmly. "Serve him right." "Oh how CAN you?" cried Phyllis. "Think of the poor dear dog." "The BABY!" screamed Bobbie. In an instant all three made for the barge.

Her voice was harsh and so low that it was barely audible. "No harm to you or him, either, so don't be scared. I got more important business in hand. I didn't come to quarrel with you, Pearl. I came to talk to you like you were a sensible girl." He had been rolling a cigarette between his fingers, and now he lighted it, and for a moment watched the smoke wreaths drift upward.

A jewel glittered at her feet, leaving the lace rent to shreds on the indignant bosom that had worn it; the wreaths of hair that had crowned her with a woman's most womanly adornment fell disordered upon shoulders that gleamed the fairer for the scarlet of the pomegranate flowers clinging to the bright meshes that had imprisoned them an hour ago; and over the face, once so affluent in youthful bloom, a stern pallor had fallen like a blight, for pride was slowly conquering passion, and despair had murdered hope.

It was there I made my first sacrifice! The wreaths of flowers were arranged, the candles lighted, and the Tabernacle dressed with roses; but one was wanting fit to crown the whole! All the neighboring gardens had been ransacked. I alone possessed a flower worthy of such a place. It was on the rose-tree given me by my mother on my birthday.

Once more she flew with increased speed through the water. A few seconds and the star-lit sky again appeared overhead, and the rolling smoke wreaths were left behind. "Heavens!" cried the captain; "never in all my life have I seen the like. What a death to have escaped!" As if exhausted with its own fury, the squall subsided as suddenly as it had sprung up. The smoke gradually blew away.

Sometimes at night within a wooded park Like an ocean cavern, fathoms deep in bloom, Sweet scents, like hymns, from hidden flowers fume, And make the wanderer happy, though the dark Obscures their tint, their name, their shapely bloom. So, in the thick-set chronicles of fame, There hover deathless feats of souls unknown. They linger like the fragrant smoke wreaths blown From liberal sacrifice.