The eyes of the chief glittered like the hawk's who sees the field mouse scurrying over the ground far below. "He ain't your meat, Lee," he said. "It's me he's double crossed." "Chief," said Haines, "last night while he watched the shanty, I watched him!" "Well?" "I saw him keep his post in front of the cabin all night without moving. And he was wide awake all the time." "Then how in hell "

The mystery was explained. A pair of eyes glittered in the candlelight. The fugitive, Green, was under my bed. For some moments I stood looking at him, so astonished that I had neither utterance nor decision; while he glared at me with a fierce defiance. I saw that he was clutching a revolver. "Understand!" he said, in a grating whisper, "that I am not to be taken alive."

Beryl shivered, and her eyes glittered with an unnatural and ominous brilliance. The warden's wife paused before a large door with solid iron panels, and rang a bell. Some one on the other side asked: "What is the order? Who rang?" "Mrs. Singleton; I want to get into the chapel. Let me out, Jasper." The door swung slowly back, and the guard touched his hat respectfully.

He had so often strewed the plains with human flesh for the carrion birds that the thought had a deep fascination for him. "D'ye hear, scalp-hunter? Feed for buzzards!" He deliberately spat in the hunter's face. "D'ye hear?" he repeated. There was no answer save that which glittered in the hunter's eye. But the renegade could not read it because he did not meet that flaming glance.

And where the sun shone, how everything glittered and sparkled, as if diamond dust had been strewn about; while the snowy carpet of the earth appeared as if covered with diamonds, from which countless lights gleamed, whiter than even the snow itself.

And thy garments, which glittered like the folds of a cloud tinged by the beams of the setting sun why have they partaken of the change? And thy locks, which were yellow and shining as the sparkling sand of the Spirits' Island, why have they become of the hue of the brown moth? Is it because I dared to think thee beautiful because my heart dared to feel for thee the flame of sudden love!

"I have been wanting to have a confidential little chat with you, my dear, ever since I have been here. Have you the time to spare?" Sally Pendleton's blue eyes glittered. Of course Miss Rogers wanted to talk to her about leaving her money to her. Sally brought a hassock, and placing it at her feet, sat down upon it, and rested her elbows on Miss Rogers' chair.

Dick thought he had never beheld a more majestic world. All the clouds were gone and hosts of stars glittered in a sky of brilliant blue. On every side of them rose the lofty peaks and ridges, clothed in gleaming white, the forests themselves a vast, white tracery. The air was cold but pure and stimulating. The wind had ceased to blow, but from far points came the faint swish of sliding snow.

The lips were thin and brimful of malice; the small black bead-like eyes glittered with the fire of a universal hate. There was not one of the manikins, male or female, that did not hold in his or her hand some miniature weapon. The little men, scowling like demons, clasped in their wooden fingers swords delicate as a housewife's needle.

These were encamped in a green field which glittered with the gold on their tents and armor. The emperor's tent was of purple silk and bore on the top a golden eagle, the emblem of Rome. Two of Arthur's knights, Sir Lancelot and Sir Gawain, rode out to the emperor, and told him that their king had come. "That I see," said the emperor laughing, "and he shall soon return."