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Her husband, or perhaps one of his forefathers, had chosen this as the emblem of his family, because it seemed at once to imply, by its scarcity, the smallness of their clan, and, by the places in which it was found, the ambitious height of their pretensions. For the time that these simple preparations of welcome endured, Elspat was in a state of troubled happiness.

It was decreed that the American and French flags should be entwined and hung up in the hall of the Convention, as an emblem of the union of the two republics; and Monroe, not to be outdone in acts of courtesy, presented the banner of his country to the Convention in the name of his people. Congress adjourned on the ninth of June to the first Monday in the succeeding November.

A considerable number of instances occur in which a human figure, with the head of a hawk or eagle, threatens a winged human-headed lion the emblem of Nergal with a strap or mace. If we pass from the objects to the mode of worship in Assyria, we must notice at the outset the strongly idolatrous character of the religion.

Daphne Wing not Daisy Wagge had surely put it there! And, somehow, it touched her emblem of stifled beauty, emblem of all that the girl had tried to pour out to her that August afternoon in her garden nearly a year ago. Thin Eastern china, good and really beautiful! A wonder they allowed it to pollute this room! A sigh made her turn round.

But soon after, by a singular contradiction, yielding to one of those puerile and absurd ideas, by which men are often carried away when they think themselves alone and unobserved, Rodin rose abruptly, took the letter which had caused him such glad surprise, and went to display it, as it were, before the eyes of the young swineherd in the picture: then, shaking his head proudly and triumphantly, casting his reptile-glance on the portrait, he muttered between his teeth, as he placed his dirty finger on the pontifical emblem: "Eh, brother? and I also perhaps!"

Here, every morning and evening, he performs the rites of his heathen worship. And, more than this, he considers the tree, with its out-stretched and far-sheltering arms, an emblem of the creator of all things." "Is that only one tree?" asked Malcolm as Miss Harson displayed a picture that was more like a small grove. "Why, it looks like two or three trees together."

What a fit emblem is this experience of the spiritual and eternal safety of the Christian, in the ark of the covenant, amidst the foaming billows of affliction, the wind of temptation, and every storm of trial raised by man in a fallen and disordered world, branded with so many marks of its Creator's displeasure.

It was so, second, because the Crown was exceedingly valuable. From the very beginning of the beginning each ruler had in turn added a jewel to the golden, gem encrusted emblem of his rank. It was so, third, because the Crown was a Magic Crown, though no one then knew its magic they knew only that its magic was. Therefore, again, O Hadji, is this Tale.

We've only to determine it to be free, and we'll bloom again; and I'll be the first to speak the word and mount the colours. Follow me! Will ye join in the toast to the emblem of Erin the shamrock, Phil and Pat? 'Oh, certainly, said Philip. 'What 's that row going on? Patrick also called attention to the singular noise in the room.

"The one the symbol of the divine wrath; "The other the symbol of spiritual blessings. "The one the emblem of eternal damnation; "The other the emblem of eternal salvation." Bible Wines.

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