In an insensible crescendo the thought grew in him: Why should he never attain anything of that which he most longed for intimate and cordial intercourse and friendliness which should answer to the warmth pent up within him? Why should everyone smile to Alphonse with out-stretched hands, while he must content himself with stiff bows and cold glances! Alphonse knew nothing of all this.

Bradley did as he was bid, and the two stood with arms folded as the line of warriors approached. When they had come within some fifty yards, they halted and one spoke. "Who are you and from whence do you come?" he asked; and then Co-Tan gave a little, glad cry and sprang forward with out-stretched arms. "Oh, Tan!" she exclaimed. "Do you not know your little Co-Tan?"

A tide of generous feeling swept into his heart; he, too, would help his father against man and mankind, against fate and justice; and casting open the shutters he closed his eyes and threw himself with out-stretched arms into the foliage of the chestnut.

I had just time to parry it, and then he was upon me, raining blows upon my out-stretched sword. He was no swordsman, but slashed and hewed in frenzy, and the steel rang on steel, and the rust from the blades filled my nostrils with its sting. But, though his attack was wild, the vigor of his blows almost beat down my guard.

She was thoroughly enjoying the rush through the air. It was very hot, and she disliked walking. Her morose husband very seldom allowed her to take a cab. He generally forced her to walk to the Casino and back. Something of a philosopher was Madame Wachner, always accepting with eager, out-stretched hands that with which the gods provided her.

The windows of the houses in the streets through which the Royal train was to pass, were at a premium, and seemed to find ready occupants. Being invited the day previous to occupy part of a window in Upper Sackville Street, I was stationed at my allotted place, at an early hour, with an out-stretched neck and open eyes.

Wadman had nothing more to do, when she had got advanced to the door of the sentry-box, but to extend her right hand; and edging in her left foot at the same movement, to take hold of the map or plan, or upright, or whatever it was, and with out-stretched neck meeting it half way, to advance it towards her; on which my uncle Toby's passions were sure to catch fire for he would instantly take hold of the other corner of the map in his left hand, and with the end of his pipe in the other, begin an explanation.

Answering her call, the Auroral arch sprang out of the North, spanning the sky with waving banners of orange and violet flame, that illumined the Niobe of the Seasons, as she hovered with out-stretched glittering pinions, and mournful ice-dimmed eyes above her shrouded dead children.

Miss Craven was standing in a characteristic attitude before an open fireplace, her feet planted firmly on the hearthrug, her short plump figure clothed in a grey coat and skirt of severe masculine cut, her hands plunged deep into her jacket pockets, her short curly grey hair considerably ruffled. She bore down on her nephew with out-stretched hands. "My dear boy, there you are at last!

She's not actually his queen, but some sort of a heritage from the Rutton dynasty I hardly know what or why. Salig never married her, but she lives in the Palace, and for several years ever since she first began to be talked about she's ruled from behind the screen with a high hand and an out-stretched arm. So the bazaar says." "I've heard she was beautiful," Farrell observed.