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As a denomination the Presbyterians are pushing onwards vigorously, though quietly, and their prospects are good. To the Free Gospel people we next come. They don't occupy very fashionable quarters; Ashmoor-street, a long way down Adelphi- street, is the thoroughfare wherein their spiritual refuge is situated.

All his poems are full of matter, and occupy us with great, heart- elevating objects, and thus already maintain an indestructible value. For the internal matter of the subject treated is the beginning and end of art.

He cooked his own food and washed his own dishes. The runaway cat ventured to return, found other viands than beans in its saucer, and decided to remain, purring thankful contentment. The captain made his own bed, after a fashion, when he was ready to occupy it, but he was conscious that it might be better made.

Only Christianity has exalted the gentler sex to that position in the esteem and affections of men that God designed she should occupy. Hence, of all the friends of ancient Christianity, woman should be the truest and most lasting; and of all the enemies of modern Rationalism, she should be the most bitter and unrelenting.

It is a busy time we shall have of it, for the next month or two." There were many officers in the anteroom when they entered. "Any fresh news?" Captain O'Halloran asked. "Lots of it, O'Halloran. All the Irish officers of the garrison are to be formed into an outlying force, to occupy the neutral ground. It is thought their appearance will be sufficient to terrify the Spaniards."

Here is where the art of skipping is to be rigorously applied. Read the newspaper by headlines only, skipping all the murders, all the fires, all the executions, all the crimes, all the news, except the most important and immediately interesting, and you will spend perhaps fifteen or twenty minutes upon what would otherwise occupy hours.

You and I, Crasweller have had our little troubles to imbitter the evenings of our life." "You are yet in the full daylight." "My ambition has been disappointed. I cannot conceal the fact from myself, nor from you. It has come to pass that during the last year or two we have lived with different hopes. And these hopes have been founded altogether on the position which you might occupy."

By some means either by rocks rolled down on them or other hostile agency, or by sheer bad luck the small-arm ammunition mules were stampeded. They dashed back on to the battery mules; there was alarm, confusion, shots flying and the battery mules stampeded also. On that the officer in command appears to have resolved to occupy the nearest hill.

And so I flourished, and as I waxed he waned, until, calculating my chances with my wife, I was able to prophesy that if no accident or ill-chance occurred to stop me, within another three years I should be the leading practitioner in Dunchester, while Sir John Bell would occupy the second place.

He dreamed and mused till his consciousness seemed to occupy the whole space of the woodland around, so little was there of jarring sight or sound to hinder perfect unity with the sentiment of the place.