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The fact is monstrous, and demands the immediate and serious interference of the legislature." "It is a burning shame," said I, fully alive to the manifold advantages of a premium. "I'll tell you what, Dunshunner," rejoined M'Corkindale, "it's no use going on in this way. We haven't shown half pluck enough. These fellows consider us as snobs because we don't take the bull by the horns.

Under the operations of the constitutional treasury not a dollar has been lost by the depreciation of the currency. The loans required to prosecute the war with Mexico were negotiated by the Secretary of the Treasury above par, realizing a large premium to the Government.

"You expected," said Miss Havisham, as she looked them over, "no premium with the boy?" "Joe!" I remonstrated, for he made no reply at all. "Why don't you answer " "Pip," returned Joe, cutting me short as if he were hurt, "which I meantersay that were not a question requiring a answer betwixt yourself and me, and which you know the answer to be full well No.

Every successful effort made by enterprising and intelligent individuals to substitute skilled for unskilled labour; every premium awarded by societies in acknowledgment of superior honesty, carefulness, or ability, has a tendency to afford a remedy the most salutary and effectual which can be devised for the evil here set forth.

When the yarn is disposed of in England, and a profit on the same can be obtained, it must be distributed among them as a premium to encourage industry and good management in producing a good article. If this does not answer, I cannot see any thing at present that will. How far this scheme was put in practice we are unable to say, but we believe it was not accompanied by any successful result.

With the record before us of our best assessment companies, faithfully and competently administered, paying their losses promptly, at a cost to the insured for a term of years, of one third to one half only, of that in level premium companies, what reason is there for the insuring public withdrawing their patronage.

Their intellectual capacity may be limited, but they are able to put their knowledge to account, and what gems of information they possess are made to glitter by constant use. Men of the first class are always rated at less than their true value of intellectual ability; those of the second class at a greatly over-estimated premium.

All the men seem to like him and give in to him; more's the pity! And he seems to just naturally lead the other kids in their games and mischief." "Oh well, I wouldn't give a cent for a boy who didn't get into mischief sometimes," consoled Mrs. Betty. At which valuation Nickey was then in process of putting himself and his young friends at a premium.

I was willing to give up the other firm of Clark & Rockefeller, and readily settled that later my old partner, Mr. Clark, taking over the business. The bidding began, I think, at $500 premium. I bid a thousand; they bid two thousand; and so on, little by little, the price went up.

I read in a report upon the railways of Belgium that, the Belgian administration having allowed its engineers a premium of two and one- half cents for every bushel of coke saved out of an average consumption of two hundred and ten pounds for a given distance traversed, this premium bore such fruits that the consumption fell from two hundred and ten pounds to one hundred and six.