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"He doesn't scare for a cent, does he?" was his comment. "Strikes me I got out of the ranks of the ungodly just in time. If I were still gambling, I believe I'd take some of those bets he speaks of. He won't last in this town. But I like his pluck kind of. Only he's damn bad for business!"

"The trouble about an adventure is, when you start you're often forced to stay with it and put it over. That sometimes costs more than you reckon." Ruth's eyes sparkled, but she forced a smile. "Logical people make me tired. But why do you imagine I haven't the pluck to pay?" "I don't," said Lister. "I've no grounds to imagine anything like that.

"It may happen during the night that the "Albatross" may drop to within a few hundred feet of the ground. Now there are on board several ropes of that length, and, with a little pluck we might slip down them " "Yes," said Evans. "If the case is desperate I don't mind " "Nor I. During the night there's no one about except the man at the wheel.

"He is evidently resolved not to commit the same mistake he made last year of letting us attack him." "He has pluck for anything," remarked Moses.

George was the stronger and harder fellow, but Matthew had the advantage in the matter of height, and more particularly in length of arm, which enabled him to get in a blow when his opponent's fell short; though the less robust of the two he had as much pluck as pride, and would have fought on to the last gasp.

Now for old Smut, the hero of countless battles, who, though pluck to the back-bone, always tempers his valour with discretion. Yoick to him, Smut! and I jumped into the water. The buck made a rush forward, but at that moment a mass of yellow hair dangled before his eyes as the true old dog hung upon his cheek. Now came the tug of war only one seizer!

Poor Guerbet! he little suspects who is trying to pluck the best roses out of his garland!" Pere Guerbet, the collector of Soulanges, was the wit, that is to say, the jovial companion of the little town, and a hero in Madame Soudry's salon.

I stupidly forgot, at the moment, that indomitable pluck counts for much in a trial of mere brute force. "Ignorant of what was in store for him, with head erect, and an air of quiet contempt for all animate creation, the rogue walked into the dry bed of the river, and began to descend.

And Stephen, hastily brushing away his tears, and holding his flat cap in his hand, was marshalled across the mead, hot, shy, and indignant, as the jester mopped and mowed, and cut all sorts of antics before him, turning round to observe in an encouraging voice, "Pluck up a heart, man! One would think Hal was going to cut oft thine head!"

Fortunately at their departure they dropped a handkerchief which I noticed, and getting up I wrapped it up in my palaquin . In this forlorn condition, I had resolved to pluck the hollow cane from my palanquin in which my jewels were hid, and to have endeavoured to make my own way on foot to Goa, using the cane as a walking stick.