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Though Bobadilla, therefore, was to be immediately dismissed from command, it was deemed advisable to send out some officer of talent and discretion to supersede him, who might dispassionately investigate the recent disorders, remedy the abuses which had arisen, and expel all dissolute and factious persons from the colony.

It would give me the greatest pleasure to talk of all these matters with you. If you can spare the time, come and see me. I am, Sir, etc., etc. P.S. Of course, I shall not communicate these little discoveries to the press. Now that you are near the goal, discretion is essential. Beautrelet absolutely agreed.

He was in command of a detached force operating at a distance from the main army, and Johnston, with a wise discretion, had given him not orders, but instructions; that is, the general-in-chief had merely indicated the purpose for which Jackson's force had been detached, and left to his judgment the manner in which that purpose was to be achieved.

It is enough for the world to know that I live and am a soldier, bound to obey the orders of my superiors, the laws of my country, and to venerate its Constitution; and that, when discretion is given me, I shall exercise it wisely and account to my superiors. I regard your article headed "City Council General Sherman and Colonel Slack," as highly indiscreet.

There was a renewed touch of nervousness in Mr Neeld's manner. "Interesting people? H'm. Then I hope he's discreet?" "Or that Mr Neeld will be discreet for him," Iver put in. "Though I don't know why interesting people are supposed to create a need for discretion." "Oh yes, you do, Iver. You know the world. Don't you be too discreet, Neeld. Give us a taste of Joe's lighter style."

You will be able to see just how the land lies, and I shall be ready to come in at any time; only with such a man we must use discretion, knowing what his antecedents have been." "Ay, surely," replied the other; "I'll not let him go, sir, now that we've got hold of him you may depend upon it. Oh! This is indeed what I never could have dreamt of.

Fear not that I shall breathe a word to any man. Elias is renowned for his discretion. Say yes, O beloved! For the love of Allah, let me go with you." Iskender said yes, though with mental reservations. The concession set Elias upon heights of glory.

After all, it was no great matter; the Captain was, no doubt, snugly lodged before this in the house called Beautiful, at Walnut Street, where that "grave and beautiful damsel named Discretion" had already welcomed him, smiling, though "the water stood in her eyes," and had "called out Prudence, Piety, and Charity, who, after a little more discourse with him, had him into the family."

You may, perhaps, make your fortune." "If she asks you why you have left the Pope's niece, take care not to tell her the reason. She will be pleased with your discretion. In short, do your best to expiate the enormity of your offence." "I have only to speak the truth. I went in in the dark." "That's an odd reason, but it may seem convincing to a Frenchwoman."

It seemed as if that terrible voyage would go on to the end of our lives. Added to this we felt miserably sick; for, after the atrocious food on board, we had been only too ready to partake, with less discretion than relish, of tastier fare. We were so exhausted by all these trials that we forgot to consider what was, after all, the vital question the probable result in hard cash.

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