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The differences in the organization of the government, and in its power of operating directly upon the people, are quite enough to explain the difference between the languid conduct of the earlier war and the energetic conduct of the later. Impossible as Congress found it to fill the quotas of the army, the task of raising a revenue by requisitions upon the states was even more discouraging.

Intercepting by a plate of this glass the light from an oil flame, and operating upon the transmitted invisible heat, he obtained effects of polarization, far exceeding in magnitude those which could be obtained with non-luminous sources.

Finally we must consider the meaning of the deep stupor where no mentation of any kind can be proven and where none but vegetative functions seem to be operating. This state is either one of organic coma, in which case it marks the appearance of a physical factor not evidenced in the milder stages, or else it is the acme of this regression by withdrawal of interest.

Average Jones, who was much occupied with a pair of blackmailers operating through faked photographs, about that time, had almost forgotten the Linder case, when, one day, a month after the explosion, Waldemar dropped in at the Astor Court offices.

He walked into the room where Angela was now lying on the operating table in the centre of the room. A six-globed electrolier blazed close overhead. At her head was Dr. Willets, administering the anæsthetic. On the right side was Dr. Lambert, his hands encased in rubber gloves, bloody, totally unconscious of Eugene, holding a scalpel.

We put the stretcher down and looked around. The darkness enveloped us like a mantle. We could see nothing except a few shafts of light that shone through chinks in the walls of the distant operating theatre. Roughly guessing our direction we continued our journey. I felt a tent rope brushing against my leg.

In 1879 it had made a good bargain by selling to the Intercolonial the branch from Lévis to Rivière du Loup, which did not earn operating expenses, and by expending the proceeds in buying an extension to Chicago, which enabled it at last to secure the through traffic from the West for which it had been in large part originally designed.

"How many homesteaders did you succeed in nabbing out of that last train-load?" "About a hundred, Senator! I've got the list of 'em here . . . haven't counted, but think it will tally up about a hundred." "What are they, Germans?" "No, Swedes." Moyese laughed. "Thrifty beggars will job round and earn double while they're operating for us! Got good big families, Bat?"

"Or," continued Martin, now fairly started on a favourite theme, "there are the railroads all shouting for men of experience, whether in the construction department or in the operating department." "Does anyone here happen to understand him?" inquires "Lily" faintly. "Certainly," cried Miss Brodie; "all the intelligent people do. At least, I've a kind of notion there are big things doing.

Berns states that in confining horses on an old operating table where it was necessary to draw the affected foot forward twenty-four to thirty-six inches in advance of its fellow, which was secured in a natural vertical position, radial paralysis of a mild form was of frequent occurrence.