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The day had been hot and rainy an oppressive scirocco day and the boy was languid and out of sorts. The nurse advised his being carried up early to bed, and Buntingford had arrived just in time. When he came downstairs again, he found Cynthia in a garden hat, and they strolled out to look at the water-garden which was the common hobby of both the sisters.

'Very beautiful; young and beautiful; beautiful in the bud. You will learn to excuse them, madam. 'But, Chloe The duchess shut her mouth. Out of a languid reverie, she sighed: 'I suppose I must be! My duke oh, don't talk of him. Dear man! he's in bed and fast asleep long before this. I wonder how he came to let me come here. I did bother him, I know.

I wouldn't like to leave you alone. You know how bad your cough is sometimes." "I'll do well enough through the day, Ellen," replied Margaret, though her feeble voice and languid manner told too plainly that she could not do very well at any time. "You know that our rent will be due in two weeks, and that you haven't yet got enough to pay it." "That is very true," said Ellen, somewhat sadly.

If you could see her figure, slender and strong, and the grace and pride of her carriage, the carriage of an imperial princess. If you could see her hands, they lie in her lap like languid lilies. And her voice, 'tis the colour of her mouth and the glow of her eyes made audible. And if you could whisper to yourself her melodious and thrice adorable name. I know her a great deal.

After numerous half-hearted attempts, he arose one day about noon; then, having eaten a tasteless breakfast and strengthened his languid determination by a stiff glass of "hootch," he strolled out of town, taking he first random trail that offered itself. It was a wood trail, leading nowhere in particular, a fact which precisely suited his resentful mood.

Well! we were creeping at a foot's pace, upon a long, steep hill, just at the very hottest time of day; not a word had been spoken for above an hour, for we were all tired and languid except once, when McTavish asked for his third tumbler, since breakfast, of Starke's Ferintosh, of which we had three two-quart bottles in the liquor case when suddenly, without any sign or warning, McTavish gave a sneeze which, on my honor, was scarcely inferior in loudness to a pistol shot!

"Yes, poor Caroline has had a sad, sad history," the languid Mrs. Walker Catron would say, "and we all sympathize with her deeply; Walker always regards her as a sister." What was this dark history never came out, but its very mystery always thrilled the visitor, and seemed to indicate plainly the respectability of the hostess.

Willis had his languid affectations, his superficial cynicism and added to them ostentatious sentimentality. Does anybody read William Gilmore Simm's elaborate rhetoric disguised as novels? He must have written two dozen of them, the Richardson of the United States. Lovers of delicious wit and intellectual humor still read Dr.

The first characteristic which manifests itself in our children, after their process of auto-education has been initiated, is that their reactions become ever more ready and more rapid: a sensory stimulus which might before have passed unobserved or might have roused a languid interest, is vividly perceived.

He sat peacefully under the cool trail of the great elm all the forenoon, while little Dan'l played with her doll. The child was rather languid after her shock of the day before, and not disposed to run about. Also, she had a great sense of responsibility about the old man. Sarah Dean had privately charged her not to let Uncle Daniel get "overhet."