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"I think it right mean in him not to be here to see me," she said, poutingly, "and I am going over as quick as I eat my dinner." But against this all exclaimed at once. She was too tired, the mother said.

Adele Rossignol and that kind gentleman, M. Wethermill, are going to take you away with them. You will be glad to go, won't you, dearie? For you love M. Wethermill, don't you? Oh, they won't keep you long enough for you to get tired of them. Do not fear! But you will not come back, Mile. Celie. No; you have seen too much to-night. And every one will think that Mlle.

Will you go away and leave us at peace? They say you are rich and have a grand house. Surely you can do better than marry a poor innkeeper's niece a girl that has worked hard all her life? 'I could do better if I chose, said Adrian Urmand. 'Then go and do better. Do you not perceive that even my father is becoming tired of all the trouble you are making?

For he had just got Martel's head comfortably under his left arm, and was paying him out in full for all he had made Rachel Carré suffer, when the bump of his fall put an end to it. The following night he fell asleep at once, tired with a long day's work in the fields. He woke with a start about midnight, with the impression of a sound in his ears, and lay listening doubtfully.

If that process sometimes takes years, it is none the less significant if it takes place in a day. "Good-morning, Monte." He turned quickly so quickly that she started in surprise. "Is anything the matter?" she asked. She was in blue this morning, and wore at an angle a broad-brimmed hat trimmed with black and white. He thought her eyes looked a trifle tired.

"I wonder," he thought, "whether I couldn't have Herbert fined for taking my property without leave, especially after I have expressly forbidden him to do it. I must ask my father this evening. It would bring down his pride a little to be taken before a justice." Herbert had got tired of cruising, and made a vigorous stroke, as if to cross the pond.

Nothing can be imagined at once more lightly and more pointedly fanciful; it might have been handed over to the city, as it stands, by some Oriental genie tired of too much detail.

The very slowness of sailing-ships lightened anxiety. In such a gale you might as well be anxious in a wheel-chair. And then, when you went below, you went, not bored, but healthfully tired with active exertion of mind and body.

And, sitting down near the door, she bent her head closely over the costly fabric "Queens don't think of the eyes that have gone out in blindness doing this beautiful work! or the hands that have tired and the hearts that have broken over it! They would never run pins into it if they did!"

"I didn't hear a single word spoken, sir, that was worth listening to, at least that was spoken to me; and the hollow kind of rattle that one hears from every tongue makes me more tired than anything else, I believe; I am out of tune with it, somehow."