"Yes, there is no short road to Kiev. If you had no inclination to go you should not have registered the vow." "The inclination is there, but strength fails me. I suffer from want of breath even when I go to church. I am already in my seventh decade, Father.

The renegade did not seek to conceal the joy that shone in his eyes. He had been in fear when he was sent out of the hall, in fear lest Alvarez had some plan by which he would suffer, and now it was obvious that nothing had been changed. "It is his character," said Wyatt. "He is vicious and the truth has never been in him."

Do you fancy that I should not have held death a blessing if death could have found me in youth such as Helen is? Ah, could she but live to suffer! Die! Well, since it must be, since my son requires the sacrifice, do as you will with the victim that death mercifully snatches from my grasp.

Most of these are unable to leave the freight cars in which they had arrived because the tortures of hunger and thirst which they had to suffer during their trip had been too much for them.

I gave a cry of despair, and then in my utter desperation spoke up to him as I would to a man of feeling: "You don't know what you are doing; you don't know what I shall suffer by any such cruel detention. This night is not like other nights to me. This is a special night in my life, and I need it, I need it, I tell you, to spend as I will.

I am afraid it was my fault. Those children were so horribly homesick that I suggested a game." "That was very thoughtful, I am sure. Some of those young girls really suffer terribly. Sometimes it makes them quite ill." Blue Bonnet wondered why Fraulein could not have been so reasonable. She certainly was disagreeable. She wished Carita might be under Mrs. White's wing. What a dear Mrs.

I congratulate the troops of toilers who share my own pleasure; but, alas, how many honest folk in those awful Midland places will pant and sweat and suffer amid grime and heat while the glad months are passing!

He used some arguments with them, to show them the unreasonableness and injustice of the thing, but it was all in vain; they swore, and shook hands round before his face, that they would all go on shore unless he would engage to them not to suffer me to come any more on board the ship. This was a hard article upon him, who knew his obligation to me, and did not know how I might take it.

You see, he'd heard I was called 'Madame d'Armand, and I wanted him to keep on thinking that, for I thought if he knew I was Mrs. Harman he might find out " She paused, her lip beginning to tremble. "Oh, don't you see why I didn't want him to know? I didn't want him to suffer as he would as he does now, poor child! but most of all I wanted I wanted to see if he would fall in love with me again!

In the first place, then, you must know that I have reason to think yonder treacherous Teton has left an order to put us all to death, so soon as he thinks the deed may be done secretly, and without tumult." "Great Heaven! will you suffer us to be butchered like unresisting sheep?" "Hist, Captain, hist; a hot temper is none of the best, when cunning is more needed than blows.