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He had always shown me much affection, and I felt a great desire to unite myself to his family: My mother approved of my inclination, and gave me an exact account of my estates and possessions. I carried it to Versailles, and sought a private interview with M. de Beauvilliers. At eight o'clock the same evening he received me alone in the cabinet of Madame de Beauvilliers.

The inclination once indulged becomes insatiable. It is not altogether the gratified vanity of seeing one's self in print, for, before printing was, the composers and reciters of romances and songs were driven along the same path of unrest and anxiety, when once they had the least recognition of their individual distinction.

I was almost a man grown, he said, even if I was a minor. "Your place is by your mother's side. The lust for roving was born in you, I suppose," he wrote, "your father had it, too; but put Duty before Inclination, and come home at once." Had I received those three letters when I visited the consulate at Buenos Ayres, I would have found means of taking the first steamer north thereafter.

The fact was that the strongest power to influence the Earl was his grandson's perfect confidence in him the fact that Cedric always believed that his grandfather was going to do what was right and generous. He could not quite make up his mind to let him discover that he had no inclination to be generous at all, and that he wanted his own way on all occasions, whether it was right or wrong.

From the experience we had had, we were sure we could not rest anywhere for an instant, while the danger was great in proceeding in the dark. Still Padillo said he could find the way, and led us on at a swinging trot, we doing our utmost to keep up with him; often, however, I felt a strong inclination to sink down and enjoy a short sleep, if only for a minute or two.

The proud heir of the Este dynasty was forced by policy, against his inclination, to take to his board and bed a Pope's bastard, twice divorced, once severed from her husband by murder, and soiled, whether justly or not, by atrocious rumors, to which her father's and her brother's conduct gave but too much color.

This, in the effects which immediately flowed from it, I count among the most extraordinary incidents of my life. This face, seen for a moment, continued for hours to occupy my fancy, to the exclusion of almost every other image. I had purposed to spend the evening with my brother, but I could not resist the inclination of forming a sketch upon paper of this memorable visage.

The one germane thing would have been a lack of inclination on her part to see Smith and curiously enough, this lack did not manifest itself. Thus it was that only a few days after their long talk about O'Connor, the same fire saw them together once more. It was Thanksgiving Eve.

He hath neither father, mother, sister, nor brother, but demands L600 down, and L100 on the birth of first child, which I had some inclination to stretch to. He is kinsman to, and lives with, Mr. Phillips, but my wife tells me he is a drunken, ill-favoured, ill-bred country fellow, which sets me off of it again, and I will go on with Harman. So after supper to bed. 20th.

Her hair was down her back what there was of it and she was doing up her switch." Mrs. Smith was so aghast at this intrusion and at the injured tone in which it was told that she had no farther inclination to smile. "I said, 'I thought I'd come up and sit with you a while, and she said, 'Leave the room at once, Mary, just like that. She was as mad as she could be." "Do you blame her?"