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'Why this cursed new lath in a sheet I mean the new parson! He wants us to stop the band-playing on Sunday afternoons. Laura looked up aghast. 'Why, it is the one thing that enables the few rational beings hereabouts to keep alive from Saturday to Monday!

So sudden had been the stroke, that they seemed to pause and stand aghast under it, scarcely conscious how deep the wound might be.

"Wait for me, Genie," she said, "and we'll go down to Puss's house together. It may cheer her to see us." "But not in that dress," said Eugenie, aghast. "They will arrest you." "Oh, how I wish they would!" cried Virginia. And her eyes flashed so that Eugenie was frightened. "How I wish they would!" Miss Renault regarded her friend with something of adoration from beneath her black lashes.

His horse was staggering, swaying then down he crashed, Hobbs swinging clear barely in time to escape being pinioned to the ground. A stream of blood was pouring from the side of the poor beast. Aghast at this unheard of wantonness, the little interpreter knew not which way to turn, but stood there dazed until a third shot brought him to his senses. The bullet kicked up the dust near his feet.

In the trivial intercourse of society she was open to ridicule on every side of her. But when a serious emergency tried the metal of which she was really made, the people who were loudest in laughing at her stood aghast, and wondered what had become of the familiar companion of their everyday lives.

What think ye the Parliament will deem a meet reward for the men who bring them such a prize as that?" Le Gallais was aghast. He was asked to consent to a plot to kidnap the king, and convey him into the hands of those who had taken his father's anointed head from his shoulders. A plot to be carried out in Jersey, and by the aid of Jerseymen!

This is the latest device quite a tophole scheme!" And he showed us a box-like contrivance which, when in use, is slung round the neck. "Are you often in the gas?" I enquired. "Every day yes, rather!" "For how long?" "Well, I stayed in once for five hours on end " "Five hours!" I exclaimed, aghast. "Y'see, I was experimentin'!" "And didn't you feel any bad effects?" "Yes, rather!

Will you and dear Lucy join me there? I ask it of your friendship, and I am quite sure that neither of you will shrink aghast at the proposal of solacing your invalid relation. At the same time that I am recovering health, my pretty niece will be avenging Pluto, by consigning to his dominions many a better and younger hero in my stead.

Old Peter Ernest Mansfeld, who was nominal governor of the Spanish Netherlands since the death of Farnese, rubbed his eyes and stared aghast when the completeness of the preparations for reducing the city at last broke in upon his mind.

Accordingly, one evening, when an inspired cobbler was holding forth to an assemblage of the kind, the intrepid Peter suddenly made his appearance with his ominous walking staff in his hand, and a countenance sufficient to petrify a millstone. The whole meeting was thrown into confusion the orators stood aghast, with open mouth and trembling knees, while "Horror!" "Tyranny!" "Liberty!" "Rights!"

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