So familiar is this belief to people of professedly higher culture than the countryman, that the transformation just alluded to has to all, save a few thinking persons and zoölogists, become a matter of the most commonplace kind.

The appearance of these curtains was familiar, yet she did not remember their being there on her other visit; her impression was that Mr. Bryce had taken everything away. They tried the back.

Then, with a gentle pressure from behind, she pushed me through the curtains into the familiar study and I heard her feet scampering up the soft carpet on the broad, black-walnut stairs. The Judge was sitting in his easy-chair beside the table. A book was open on his knees, a long-stemmed pipe was on the chair arm, and the gray and grizzled old dog lay, with head on paws, at his feet.

We fancy we are soon familiar with all their images.

I want to put the case clearly before you, and I will therefore show you what I mean by another familiar example.

Her admiration was for men, young or old, who cut their way roughly through the world's great obstacles, who achieved things in pioneering, in history, in science; and she admired them because they were rather difficult to draw out, being more familiar with startling journeys, wildernesses, strange peoples, than with the gilded metaphors of the drawing-room.

He was edging into familiar waters now. "What's the matter with Dawsbergen? Money controversy?" "Not at all," said Lazzar hastily. "Why not let 'em withdraw?" said Mr. Blithers. "We can get along without them." There was a general uplifting of heads at the use of the pronoun, and a more fixed concentration of gaze.

When they became more familiar they spoke freely to the Princess, and said to her that if they knew nothing of her but what they saw, they should admire her as a saint, but, elsewhere, they learnt that she led a strange life, and so public, that they could not comprehend why she came to their convent. Madame la Duchesse de Berry laughed at this, and was not angry.

On the way across the ocean she had wondered more than once what effect Frieda's decidedly young and aggressive nature would have on Hannah, whom she knew to be easily affected by her companions. "Catherine will have her hands full, keeping them soothed," she thought now, and was glad when the carriage stopped before the familiar house with the mail-box between the posts, and Karl helped her out.

Beside the door was conveniently placed a row of some ten or twelve bell- pulls, appertaining no doubt to the various lodgments into which the building was subdivided. The stranger did not seem very familiar with the appurtenances of the place.