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He then, by a clever twist of his little body, splits open his old fishy skin, and slowly draws himself out, head, and body, and legs; and, last of all, from some of those leafy gills he pulls a delicate crumpled-up membrane, which soon dries and expands, and becomes lace-netted and brown-fretted.

"Both on 'em bosum friends 'til they gits a lot of French Ike's whiskey down 'em. Then one calls t'other a liar, an' both on 'em pulls their guns an' shoots; an' both on 'em falls dead, th' bullets goin' through th' heart of each one on 'em," answered the man. "Hump! Nuthin' queer 'bout that!" grunted Ham. "That's a common thing for whiskey tew dew. Git up!" and he continued on his way.

And with a sharp click Mrs. Alsager dropped the lid on the fragrant receptacle. "Not yet not yet!" laughed her visitor. "You will be if she pulls you through." "You declare that she WON'T pull me through." Mrs. Alsager was silent a moment, after which she softly murmured: "I'll pray for her." "You're the most generous of women!" Wayworth cried; then coloured as if the words had not been happy.

"It's always getting snarled and the comb gets stuck in it." "And it does in mine, too," added Janet. "And mother pulls when she tries to untangle it. Mine's longer than Ted's." "Yes, and nicer, for that reason," went on Baldy. "Though I'd be glad if I had even half of yours, Teddy. But never mind about that. I won't take your hair, though I'd like to know what makes you both so gloomy-like.

But in Camp, where every one realises how important the individual contribution is to the comfort and well-being of all, the mind speedily recovers tone and pulls itself together.

It is an established thing in China; that if a native falls into the river, he never gets out unless he pulls himself out. Nobody will help him, for if they do, that will incur the wrath of the River God and the rescuer also will be dragged down to his death. It is assumed that if a person falls into the river that is the River God pulling him in.

'He was walking his horse-elegant cavalier that he is: would not look on his wife. A woman pulled by her collar should be passive; if she pulls her way, she is treated as a dog. I see nothing else in the intention of poor Janey's last offence to him. There is an opposite counsel, and he can be eloquent, and he will be heard on her side.

At last, however, Edgar got across. "Do you take the rope, Albert, and let Hal hold on by you, for the passage I have made is but narrow." A few strong pulls on Edgar's part brought them across.

He raises his voice, agitates his arms, and finally pulls from his pockets many rolls of dollar bills and banknotes, and handfuls of English, French, American and German gold coins, which slip through his fingers and roll about the cavern. How could he get all this money except from Ker Karraje, and as the price of his secret? The noise he makes attracts a number of men to the scene.

I suppose you know that Jethro pulls the strings, end we little railroad presidents dance. We're the puppets now, but after a while, when I'm crowded out, all these little railroads will get together and there'll be a row worth looking at, or I'm mistaken. But to go back to Worthington," continued Mr. Merrill, "he made a little mistake with his bill in the beginning.

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