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So she sent Tillie to call a cab, and contented herself with bewailing the stubbornness of Peter, her nephew. "It was aye so, whan he was a lad playin' wi' Jean an' Katherine, whiles whan his feyther lat his mither bring Katherine and him back to Scotland on a veesit. Jean and Katherine maun gie in til him if they liket it or no.

Potato, or Lemon Cheesecakes: Take six ounces of potatoes, four ounces of lemon-peel four ounces of sugar, four ounces of butter; boil the lemon-peel til tender, pare and scrape the potatoes, and boil them tender and bruise them; beat the lemon-peel with the sugar, then beat all together very well, and melt all together very well, and let it lie till cold: put crust in your pattipans, and fill them little more than half full: bake them in a quick oven half an hour, sift some double-refined sugar on them as they go into the oven; this quantity will make a dozen small pattipans.

"A sponge is all slimy an' nasty. Yo' put him in de sun an' he dies quick an' all de slime runs out. Den yo' buries him in san' 'til his insides all decay. Den you puts him in a pon' an' takes him out, an' beats him wif a stick, lots o' times oveh, maybe, 'til all de jelly an' all de san' an' all de muck am out ob him.

Seein's our conscience is clear, it must be somethin' she done that she's took umbrage at, as the feller says, an' the best thing we can do is to overlook it. I don't know as I'd advise tellin' her so, but we might just kind of blend into the scenery onobtrusive 'til the thaw comes. In view of which I'll just take a little drink an' sing you a song I heard down on the Rio Grande."

"I'll say they was hard! Nobody but us nesters knows what hard times is. Out west of here they went three years without rain, and all around here people was starvin'. Grown folks was thin and tired, and children was sickly they was too peaked to play. Why, we took in a hull family wagon-folks. Their hosses died and they couldn't go on, so we kep' 'em 'til we burned out.

"'It's too late, says she. 'I hear he's mortgaged. "'You'd better search the records, I says, 'an' if it ain't so, stop bein' careless. You've put yer father on his feet. Now look out for yerself. "'I think he's angry on account of the ham war, says she. "'Why do you think that? "She told me the facts, an' I laughed 'til the tears came to my eyes. "'Nonsense, I says, 'Dan will like that.

"I suppose they'll have Red Rock Coulee all mussed up," reflected the Texan, with a grin. "You wait 'til I tell the boys." "Don't you. They'd hurt him. He's a-whirlin' a bigger loop than he can throw, the way it is." Curt fumbled in his slicker and produced a flask which he tendered. Tex shook his head: "No thanks, I ain't drinkin'." "You ain't what?"

Eastern Assyria has a climate of its own, the result of its position at the foot of Zagros. In Western Assyria we may distinguish three climates, that of the upper or mountainous country extending from Bir to Til and Jezireh, that of the middle region on either side of the Sinjar range, and that of the lower region immediately bordering on Babylonia.

The girl had done her no wrong, and she had had her desire upon her: she had defeated her, and was triumphant; yet this was how she talked of her to her own inner ear: "The impident limmer! makin' up til a gentleman like oor laird 'at is to be!

It was limited in the first instance to two years from January 10th, 1822, but with a proviso that it should further continue in force 'til the conclusion of a general and definitive treaty of commerce, unless terminated by a notice, six months in advance, of either of the parties to the other.

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