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"Family reasons would be more accurate," Mordaunt rejoined, in the same curt tone. "You gave it to Chris." The momentary hesitation before the name did not soften its utterance. It came with a precision almost brutal. Rupert made a slight movement, and stood silent. "You are not going to deny it?" Mordaunt observed, glancing at him. He turned his face away. "What's the good?" "Just so.

He had evidently left the Colonel very much enraged at some curt comment. "He meant it for us all," the Dublin gentleman was saying soothingly. By-and-by, as they worked undisturbed, serenity returned. Oh, the Colonel was all right even more chipper than usual. What a good-looking fella he was, with that clear skin and splendid colour!

But he had shut his door to the unrepentant and unashamed General, had cut him in the Club, had returned a rudely curt answer to an invitation to dinner, and had generally shown the offender that he trod on dangerous ground when poaching on the preserves of Mr. Dearman. Whereat the General fumed. Also the General swore that he would cut the comb of this insolent money-grubbing civilian.

They were ranged against her the two she loved best in the world leagued together to keep from her the truth. A quiver of indignation went through her. She turned abruptly from them both. "You needn't take this trouble any longer," she said. "I know!" "What do you know?" It was Max's voice, curt and imperative. He took a step forward; his hand was on her shoulder.

A moment later Coquenil entered and all rose with cordial greetings, that is, all except Gibelin, whose curt nod and suspicious glances showed that he found anything but satisfaction in the presence of this formidable rival. "My dear Coquenil!" said Simon warmly. "This is like the old days! If you were only with us now what a nut there would be for you to crack!"

She wrote a very curt note, begging that her thanks might be given to his Majesty, and then she burned the private secretary's letter. No congratulations were anything to her till she should see her daughter freed from the debasement of her engagement to the tailor. Speculation was rife as to the kind of life which the Countess would lead.

Are we nearly there?" His high, curt, febrile tones were really somewhat alarming. When the train threw them out into the sodden waste that surrounds Bleakridge Station, George could scarcely stand. At any rate he showed no wish to stand. His protectors took him strongly by either arm, and thus bore him to Lane End House, with irregular unwilling assistance from his own feet.

Whilst he gave these curt and concise orders, he had completed his change of attire. The priest's costume had been laid aside, and he was once more dressed in his usual dark, tight-fitting clothes. At last he took up his hat. "I shall have an interesting prisoner to deliver into your hands," he said with a chuckle, as with unwonted familiarity he took Desgas' arm, and led him towards the door.

"Reckon you must be from Kansas City or Chicago? I heard tell they're mighty big towns." The stranger's only answer was a curt "Good-by," as his form vanished in the mist. Jed turned and dug his heels vigorously in the old mare's flanks, as he ejaculated softly, "Well, I'll be dod durned! Must be from New York, sure!"

The negotiations begun in that direction met with Dutch and English opposition and the curt refusal of Spain to renounce her rights on her Northern possessions. This new attitude of France brought about a rapprochement between Spain and the United Provinces, who began to fear Louis XIV's ambitious schemes.

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