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The Misses Mordaunt were singing a duet, when a servant entered, and approached Lionel Dale. "There is a person in the hall who asks to see you, sir," said the man, "on most particular business." "What kind of person?" asked the rector. "Well, sir, she looks like an old gipsy woman." "A gipsy woman! The gipsies about here do not bear the best character." "No, sir," replied the man.

The prohibition did not extend to Chris, but she had shuddered at the bare mention of the motor ever since the accident, and he knew that she had not the faintest desire left to enlarge her experience in driving. She was the last to leave the house on that sultry August afternoon, and Mordaunt saw at once that the ordeal of entering the car was a severe one.

Miss Mordaunt was kind enough to comply literally, both curtsying and smiling precisely as she had been desired to do, though I could see she was also slightly disposed to laugh.

Mordaunt," she said, as the young man approached us. "I have been apologising to Mr. West for what happened yesterday, in your name as well as my own." "I am very, very glad to have the opportunity of doing it in person," said he courteously. "I only wish that I could see your sister and your father as well as yourself, to tell them how sorry I am.

But for all that, Lady Alice Mordaunt and Lady Fletcher were far from feeling easy over their guest, and ardently wished that the girl's father would cut short his visit to France and return to take her back with him to America. And while these two worthy ladies worried and fretted, Opal Ledoux laughed and dreamed.

The streets had an ill savour "by the multitude of dyers and of silk manufactures, and the worse smell of the Jews," and he presently moved on to Montpelier, where he made a lengthened stay. His reception was as courteous as before, and this he ascribed to the good offices of Lord and Lady Mordaunt, old friends whom he recommends to the good offices of his children.

There followed a pause of some duration, during which he must have been alone; then again his unknown friend touched him, patted his shoulder, spoke. "Here's a hot drink. You will feel better when you have had it. Afterwards you shall go to bed." He raised his head and stared about him. Mordaunt, holding a cup of steaming milk that gave out a strong aroma of brandy, was stooping over him.

Very decidedly came Aunt Philippa's reply. "I intended to speak to you upon the subject, my dear Trevor, and I am glad that an early opportunity for so doing has presented itself." "You think she looks ill?" Mordaunt asked. "Not at all," said Aunt Philippa. "The intense heat we have had lately is quite sufficient to account for her jaded looks.

"Oh!" exclaimed mother, when an hour or so later father set about explaining the matter of our meeting Captain Mordaunt, and his promise of sending me aboard the Saint Vincent to be trained for the service. "You just go and tell that to the marines! Don't you try on any of your old yarns with me!"

"Things were different then " He stopped, and Mordaunt gave him a keen glance. Holbrook's hesitation was curious. "How are things different?" Mordaunt asked. "You bought shares that seldom fluctuate much. You risked losing a small margin; now you may lose the principal." "The loss would be mine. I have always paid." "That is so.

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