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Just as the reading of the proclamation by the head of the police came to an end, an idea darted instinctively into the mind of Michael Strogoff. "What a singular coincidence," thought he, "between this proclamation expelling all foreigners of Asiatic origin, and the words exchanged last evening between those two gipsies of the Zingari race.

"Do snails live as long as lizards?" "Not when I find 'em rya if I am hungry. Snails are good eating. You can find plenty on the hedges. Take 'em and wash 'em and throw 'em into the kettle, with water and a little salt. The broth's good for the yellow jaundice." "So you call a snail" "A bawris," said the old fortune-teller. "Bawris! The Hungarian Gipsies call it a bouro.

When matters came to this point, the gipsies, without scruple, entered upon measures of retaliation. Ellangowan's hen-roosts were plundered, his linen stolen from the lines or bleaching-ground, his fishings poached, his dogs kidnapped, his growing trees cut or barked. Much petty mischief was done, and some evidently for the mischief's sake.

"But you see, your lordship, that there are all sorts of bad characters about smugglers and highwaymen and gipsies, and we couldn't tell if it was some of them come to murder us and burn the hall down, as they swear they will; or if it was the French, for it's said that they will land one of these nights, and turn out the king and Parliament."

Don Juan put on the travelling dress which the old woman had preserved; his prison and his iron chain were exchanged for liberty and chains of gold; and the sadness of the incarcerated gipsies was turned into joy, for they were all bailed out on the following day. The uncle of the dead man received a promise of two thousand ducats on condition of his abandoning the suit and forgiving Don Juan.

But by this simple means they attain their end a direct appeal. Their art, like their music, goes straight to the senses; it is not deflected or disturbed by any intervening medium. Colour plays its part; the sombre, throbbing sounds of these instruments the glowing tints of their carpets and tapestries. Talking of gipsies, do you know whether our friend van Koppen has arrived?" "Koppen?

She took the new circumstances in with a single cast up of her wary eyelids; and her, and her skill in surgery and art in medicine, I praised to lull her fears, which procured me the denomination of old friend, as well as handsome gentleman: she went so far as to add, in a fit of natural warmth, nice fellow; and it is the truth, that this term effected wonders in flattering me: it seemed to reveal to me how simple it was for Harry Richmond, one whom gipsies could think a nice fellow, to be the lord of Janet's affections to be her husband.

But, as he was never heard of, the Sheriff, who made a careful entry of all these memoranda, did not suppress his opinion, that the deceased had met with foul play, and that the murderers, whoever they were, had possessed themselves of the person of the child Harry Bertram. Every exertion was now made to discover the criminals. Suspicion hesitated between the smugglers and the gipsies.

Beyond all doubt the horse was gone. "Hark!" said Gabriel. They listened. Distinct upon the stagnant air came the sounds of a trotting horse passing up Longpuddle Lane just beyond the gipsies' encampment in Weather- bury Bottom. "That's our Dainty-i'll swear to her step." said Jan. "Mighty me! Won't mis'ess storm and call us stupids wen she comes back!" moaned Maryann.

They appeared in Europe about the fifteenth century, calling themselves, falsely enough, Egyptians. But both Borrow and Leland are agreed that 'I don't want to hear about the gipsies, interrupted Miss Whichello, cutting short the doctor's disquisition; 'all I know is, that if Bosvile or Jentham, or whatever he called himself, is a sample of them, they are a wicked lot of Moabites.

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