"Well, it isn't exactly an enchanting neighbourhood," said Daphne, with pinched lips. "I'm awfully sorry you don't like the people here," said Roger, perplexed. "I dare say they're all stupids." "That wouldn't matter if they behaved decently," said Daphne, flushing. "I suppose that means if I behaved decently!" cried Roger, turning upon her.

"Get along, you great stupids, you!" cried Madge, trying to put some spirit into them, "it will all come right in time. I know all about it!"

Gazing into the windows, they frequently got into the way, and were saluted many times with the query, "Where are you going, stupids?" a question which Hugh was largely inclined to resent, and would have done so had not Rupert told him that evidently they did get into the way of the hurrying citizens, and that it was more wise to put up with rudeness than to embark in a series of quarrels, in which, moreover, as strangers they were likely to get the worst of the dispute.

"But we don't wish to lose one woman in finding another," I protested. "Go," she commanded with a furious little stamp. "You lose time! Stupids! Do you think I stay here for nothing? We may have been followed and I shall stay here and watch! I'll hide in the rushes! Go!" And there was a second stamp.

Lord!" he cried, with feigned awe, getting to his feet at sight of the two. Then, to his comrades, "Children, children, off with your hats! Here is Monsieur Talleyrand, if I'm not mistaken. On to your feet, mealman, and dust your stomach. Lajeunesse, wipe your face with your leather. Duck your heads, stupids!" With mock solemnity the three greeted Parpon and Lagroin.

These defects have been remedied, not entirely, but sufficiently to justify the efficiency of athletics as a fact in the production of self-control; and instances can be cited of complete subordination of will to the controlling powers. Group III. The Stupids. The members of this group are not far above the standard of feeble-minded boys. They are what might be termed "all-round defectives."

I don't know that I could swim so far as the shore, and we should have to undress and lose all our clothes. Here, ahoy! Boat oh! Ahoy!" The sound died away in the vast space, but there was no movement aboard of the lugger, and after each had hailed in turn, and we had all shouted together, we looked at each other in despair. "Oh," cried Bob, "what a set of stupids we are!

"Then ask his Excellency when next you see him, Where is Rozel? But take good counsel and keep your ignorance from the Queen," he added. "She has no love for stupids." "You say you are butler to the Queen? Whence came your commission?" said the Lord Chamberlain, smiling now; for Lempriere's words and ways were of some simple world where odd folk lived, and his boyish vanity disarmed anger.

If only those stupid children would solve those problems in arithmetic, the most difficult study, they would not have to stay after school. But it happened just as the teacher had feared: A dozen children, of whom two were boys, did not give correct answers. After the school was dismissed the stupids were ordered to go to the blackboard, and stay there until they saw the light.

Beyond all doubt the horse was gone. "Hark!" said Gabriel. They listened. Distinct upon the stagnant air came the sounds of a trotting horse passing up Longpuddle Lane just beyond the gipsies' encampment in Weatherbury Bottom. "That's our Dainty I'll swear to her step," said Jan. "Mighty me! Won't mis'ess storm and call us stupids when she comes back!" moaned Maryann.