I do not know what led the Professor to query if the Southern young women were not superior to the Southern young men, but he is always asking questions nobody can answer. At the Swannanoa were half a dozen bridal couples, readily recognizable by the perfect air they had of having been married a long time. How interesting such young voyagers are, and how interesting they are to each other!

For an answer to this query, we shall not refer to the phenomena of natural sleep and dreaming, because it is evident that the subjects of the experiments we have to explain are not in a state of natural sleep; we shall rather refer to the condition of the brain during what we may call 'doziness, and also to the effects sometimes produced by disease on the imagination and the senses.

The wounded red man could not answer this query, and he now became so exhausted that the others questioned him no further. The fire was started up, and a generous meal for all hands was prepared, of which the Indian was given all that was good for him. Then the red man went to sleep, while the Radburys began to mend the battered door and put things into shape generally.

"'You will be a man, said he; 'you will listen to reason. He uttered these words not as a query, but as an assertion of fact. "'I shall do as I have said, was my reply, and I walked toward the door. "'But you do not mean to say that you refuse to become a partner? he ejaculated in amazement. "'That is just what I mean.

And what the mischief did you do to MacRae that he quit the South next spring after I did, and straightway went to soldiering in this country?" She shied away from that query, just as I expected. "We had oceans of trouble after you left there, Sarge," she told me, turning her head from me so that her gaze wandered over the barrack-square.

The second, in reply to whose query theFour Valleyswas later revealed, commanded the unwavering allegiance of at least a hundred thousand devout followers, while the third was held in such veneration by his supporters that they regarded him as co-equal with Khálid himself, the founder of the Order.

It not only rained that night, but it poured so that on the following morning, when we started for the Mariposa Grove of Big Trees, twelve miles off our regular route, the query arose whether a boat or a wheeled vehicle was the best conveyance for the purpose. We will not attempt to give a detailed account of what has been so often and so well described.

Nor were her first words such as to restore his deranged faculties. "Oh-h! Aren't you GOGGLESOME!" she cried dizzily. He raised his hands to the huge brown spectacles. "Wh wh what did you come down for?" he babbled. There was a distinct note of accusation in the query. "COME down! I fell!" "Yes, yes; that may be true " "MAY be!" "Of course, it is true. I I I see it's true. I'm awfully sorry."

Venters's agitation stilled to the trace of suppressed eagerness in Lassiter's query. "Milly Erne's story? Well, Lassiter, I'll tell you what I know. Milly Erne had been in Cottonwoods years when I first arrived there, and most of what I tell you happened before my arrival. I got to know her pretty well. She was a slip of a woman, and crazy on religion.

The reader may, however, draw consolation from the fact that, if he is tormented by an unanswerable query, Vera herself was much more tormented by precisely the same query.