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As for the bishop's wanting him, he knew his lady patroness well enough to take that assertion at what it was worth; but he did not wish to make himself the hero of a scene, or to become conspicuous for more gallantry than the occasion required. "Is she always like this?" said the signora. "Yes always madam," said Mrs.

They were flattered by the confident assertion that the superior skill of the Athenians was far outweighed by their own superior courage.

I have four little patients waiting now for the place. On three of them I'm going to operate at once. On the fourth you are." Again the two pairs of eyes met hazel eyes confident and determined, brown eyes startled, stabbed with sudden pain. Burns held up his hand. "Don't say a word," he commanded. "I'm merely making an assertion.

By this concentration we shall be able as one man or one woman to reach the human limit of cultivation, and get rid of all the aberrations of individual assertion and feeling.

Denham answered him with the brevity which is the result of having another sentence in the mind to be addressed to another person. He wished to say to Katharine: "Did you remember to get that picture glazed before your aunt came to dinner?" but, besides having to answer Rodney, he was not sure that the remark, with its assertion of intimacy, would not strike Katharine as impertinent.

Doubtless by superficial minds this assertion will be met at first with an indignant denial: they have been accustomed to accumulate instances of this very principle of economy in nature; perhaps written about it in books, and illustrated it in lectures, totally ignoring the fact that the instances of economy in nature bear no proportion at all to the instances of prodigality.

After what had been urged by Turl and Wilmot, and the reasoning that had followed in my own mind, I knew not how to deny this assertion: though it was painfully grating. But the reader will easily perceive that this and other strong affirmations, such as I have related, were designedly made by Glibly.

"Is it not true," he said, defending himself, "that in all that relates to the girls you have ever regarded me with suspicion?" "No, it is not true." And then she corrected herself, feeling that there was something of truth in the squire's last assertion. "Certainly not with suspicion," she said. "But as this matter has gone so far, I will explain what my real feelings have been.

In his emphasis on that assertion Wagg scarred his knuckles against the ledge. "After all the work I've had in getting myself to that point, I'm proposing to stay there. If you try to soften me I shall consider that you're welching on your trade." Wagg made the declaration in loud tones.

The assertion in an unqualified form is hardly accurate, for the incantation texts, such as they lie before us, give evidence of having been submitted to the influences of an age much later than the one in which their substance was produced.