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Now, this sea-faring man had armed his heels with the large Spanish spurs so common in the country, and bringing them in contact with the force due to considerable impatience, Mr. Mule was quite suddenly and painfully aware of the result.

Even what the great master has not shown us in his work, that your critic convinced of pathos is resolved to see in it. By the penetration of his intrusive sympathy he will come at it. It is of little use now to explain Snug the joiner to the audience: why, it is precisely Snug who stirs their emotions so painfully.

It is wonderful what change of air to the country will often do, in relieving a child who is painfully cutting his teeth. The number of deaths in London, from teething, is frightful; it is in the country comparatively trifling. Should an infant be purged during teething or indeed, during any other time, do you approve of either absorbent or astringent medicines to restrain it? Certainly not.

Her voice nearly failed her, and it was only with a great effort she could add, "For I come to ask you to do even more than that for me, oh! yes, much more." Mechinet had turned painfully pale. He broke in vehemently, "Not another word, madam: your hope already is an insult to me.

This is the valley in which the Jews most love to have themselves buried; as there, according to them, is the chosen site of the resurrection: and thus they who painfully journeying thither in their old age, and dying there can there be buried, will have no frightful, moles'-work, underground pilgrimage to detain them when that awful trumpet shall once more summon them to the upper world.

Remorse overcame the mistress so deeply that she, for the third and final time, left court. Especially on the rise to power of Mme. de Montespan was she painfully humiliated, suffering the most intense pangs of conscience.

Nothing else is at the bottom of all such endeavours but the inexhaustible attempt which is always venturing on new paths, to sell words for thoughts, and by means of new expressions, or expressions used in a new sense, turns of phrases and combinations of all kinds, to produce the appearance of intellect in order to compensate for the want of it which is so painfully felt.

It had remained for a long time in the state in which it had been left by its last dishonest, dirty occupants when they had been scared into going away by Bunting's rough threats of the police. But now it was in apple-pie order, with one paramount exception, of which Mrs. Bunting was painfully aware.

I examined her; her cheek was crimson; her dilated eye was both troubled and glowing, and painfully restless: in this state it was obvious she must not be left till morning. I guessed how the case stood. "Would you like to bid Graham good-night again?" I asked. "He is not gone to his room yet." She at once stretched out her little arms to be lifted.

Four men only remained upon the field, the other wounded being helped by their comrades or dragging themselves painfully along. The force was now concentrated in the house and its immediate patch of garden. Their rear, to the seaward, was unmolested; but on three sides they were beleaguered. On the left, the Samoans occupied and fired from some of the plantation offices.