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Any reader who may have a fancy to purchase a copy of this present edition of the "History of the Kickleburys Abroad," had best be warned in time, that the Times newspaper does not approve of the work, and has but a bad opinion both of the author and his readers.

Trudy had done nothing but struggle to be able to live, as she termed it; Beatrice had never been allowed to struggle! "We owe for all but the left back tire," Trudy said before any one had the chance to hint of the fact; "but Gay has to have it for his new business, and it is such a joy! I hope you approve, Beatrice. And what a darling gown!"

There's not a fellow I can see who'll ask me to dine. I'll lounge along home. There is some Sherry there." But Algernon bore vividly in mind that he did not approve of that Sherry. "I've heard of fellows frying sausages at home, and living on something like two shillings a day," he remarked in meditation; and then it struck him that Mrs.

It is not dreamers who make history." "No, it is more often women. But tell me, Countess, do you approve of my crusade? Am I not right? Have I your sanction?" Margaret was silent. Mr. Barker's voice was heard again, holding forth to Miss Skeat.

The thought came across me in the night, when not a rap more sleep could I get; and I've been waiting till daylight to visit the blacks' camp." "By all means," I said. "I'll go with you, for I am sure my father will approve of your idea." As a ruddy glow was already appearing in the eastern sky, precursor of the sun, Paddy and I at once set off. As we drew near he shouted, "Pullingo, Pullingo."

Oh, I pray that there may come down on the professing Church of this generation a baptism of the Spirit; and I am quite sure that when that comes, the people that admire moderation and approve of religion, but like it to be 'kept in its own place, will be all ready to say, when they hear the 'sons and the daughters prophesying, and the old men seeing visions, and the young men dreaming dreams, and the fiery tongues uttering their praises of God, 'These men are full of new wine! Would we were full of the new wine of the Spirit!

In some cases, where the matrimonial connection has been founded upon a dereliction of principle, and formed in defiance of the suggestions of common prudence, of parental kindness, and even of the interdictions of Heaven itself, we feel compelled to express our grief, rather than offer our congratulations; but where, as in the present instance, the voice of nature harmonized with that of reason, conscience, and God, who can hesitate to approve the union, and to anticipate that delightful result which has been so well expressed in poetic numbers?

But, like your mother, I don't approve of young men betting I know what it means." He was thinking, with bitterness, of his own youthful indiscretions. "If you go, don't bet. You might be tempted, naturally, to back your father's mare Lucretia, but you would stand a very good chance of losing." "Don't you think she'll win, sir?" Alan asked, emboldened by his employer's freedom of speech.

The general went up at once to the front rank of the guard, and proceeded to inspect the men carefully. With his own hands he altered the hang of the knapsacks and the position of the belts; he measured in the regular way, with two fingers, the length of the pouch below the elbow, grumbling to himself as he went along. "So you use harness-blacking for your pouches. I don't approve of that.

"I alone am in possession of the reason," said Mrs. Denison, after a silence of more than a minute. "You!" Thrown off her guard, Jessie spoke eagerly and with surprise. "Yes. He wrote me a letter at the time, stating in the clearest terms the causes which led to so strange a course of conduct. "Did you approve of his reasons?" Miss Loring had regained much of her usual calm exterior.