The Corliss rancho was just across the river opposite the Loring homestead. After the death of their parents the Corliss boys, John and his younger brother Will, had been constant visitors at the sheep-man's home, both of them enjoying the vivacious companionship of Eleanor Loring, and each, in his way, in love with the girl. Eventually the younger brother disappeared without any apparent reason.

Their choice is made, and they turn away hand-in-hand, with their backs to the darkness and their faces to the light. Very quiet was the wedding in the old priory church at Christchurch, where Father Christopher read the service, and there were few to see save the Lady Loring and John, and a dozen bowmen from the castle.

"What're you two space bums talking about?" "I'll tell you what! He's going to try " Loring suddenly stood up and slapped the shorter spaceman across the mouth. Mason sat down, a dazed look on his face. "You space-crawling rat!" hissed Loring. "You'll do what I tell you to do, see?" "Yeah yeah, sure," bleated Mason. "O.K. Anything you say. Anything." "What is this?" demanded Shinny.

But while it could not be said of him that in his condition he was capable of seeing only one thing at a time, those things which he did see were duplicate images of the same object, and he lurched up to the dual Loring and the hazy figures that seemed floating about him, and, with an attempt at majestic impressiveness, thickly said: "Mr. Loring, I'm bearer of a message from my fren' Mr.

It was so; and by this may be seen how little the Sir Gregory of the present day had been able to do for his brother, and perhaps it may also be imagined from this that the present clergyman at Loring Lowtown had been able to do very little for himself.

There was still left the old manor-house from which with each generation there came a soldier to uphold the credit of the name and to show the five scarlet roses on the silver shield where it had always been shown in the van. There were twelve bronzes in the little chapel where Matthew the priest said mass every morning, all of men of the house of Loring.

Loring stood for some time, endeavoring to collect her thoughts and calm her feelings. She then went down to the parlor. "Is Jessie here?" inquired Mr. Dexter, in a hurried manner. "She is," replied Mrs. Loring. "I wish to see her." "Sit down, Mr. Dexter. I want to speak with you about Jessie." Mr. Dexter sat down, though with signs of impatience. "What is the meaning of this?

It is so difficult to get our people, unaccustomed to the necessities of war, to comprehend and promptly execute the measures required for the occasion. General Jackson of Georgia commands on the Monterey line, General Loring on this line, and General Wise, supported by General Floyd, on the Kanawha line. The soldiers everywhere are sick.

After a few rebuffs they picked up a drummer, and adjourned to the smoker, buying a deck from the train boy. The little dark man and Steve played against the other two, a suitcase on their knees serving as a table. They played a rubber. Steve verified his statements as to his style of play. "Well, that's enough nearly in," said Loring, as they drew near their destination. "Yes, indeed.

It isn't the building itself, but the double disgrace of the building." Early in February Captain Marrable went to Dunripple to stay with his uncle, Sir Gregory, and there he still was when the middle of March had come. News of his doings reached the ladies at Loring, but it reached them through hands which were not held to be worthy of a perfect belief, at any rate, on Mary Lowther's part.