"Men," she went on, staring down at the shiny tassels, "men are shore hell." Bull had halted a moment outside the door of the shack to roll a cigarette. Before he pulled out his tobacco bag he leaned the rifle against the doorjamb. His eyes, unaccustomed to the darkness, did not see the crouching Racey Dawson within arm's-length. Both of Bull's hands were cupped round the lighted match.

But I did not believe they would have the courage, even though they saw it was the only possible chance. For that knife-edge of a path two hundred yards in length and but two feet wide in places, with the sea breaking on the rocks three hundred feet below on each side set unaccustomed heads swimming, and put tremors into legs that were steady even at sea. My sudden disappearance had puzzled them.

"You know perfectly well what to expect for a question like that," he said with an unaccustomed excitement in his voice, and kissed her. Usually when he did that Joy made some struggle to escape. But tonight, in the firelight, a little tired and very glad to see him, she kissed him back, as if she were veritably his.

Again the warmth and coziness of the little room enveloped him. Audrey's low huskily sweet voice, her quick smile, her new and unaccustomed humility, and the odd sense of her understanding, comforted him. She made her indefinite appeal to the best that was in him. Nothing so ennobles a man as to have some woman believe in his nobility.

A quiet run of thirty hours brought us to the busy port of Alexandria, where the crowded harbor and the rush and bustle of the Overland traffic and travel caused a turmoil to which we had been for months unaccustomed. It must have been fairly bewildering to our passengers, fresh from their humdrum existence.

He pitched on one under the cliff, where the sand appeared sufficiently soft, while the shape of the rocks around would make it easily recognised. He began to dig away, but the sand fell in almost as quickly as he shovelled it out of the pit, and he had greatly to increase its size before he could reach any depth. He felt sick at heart as he performed his unaccustomed task.

He may be a writer new to publication, and unwilling to avow a character to which he is unaccustomed; or he may be a hackneyed author, who is ashamed of too frequent appearance, and employs this mystery, as the heroine of the old comedy used her mask, to attract the attention of those to whom her face had become too familiar.

Berkley's expression was undecipherable as he saluted, shot a glance at Ailsa, turned sharply, and departed. "Colonel Arran," she said miserably, "it was all my fault. I am too ashamed to look at you." "Let me do what worrying is necessary," he said quietly. "I am not unaccustomed to it. . . . I suppose he ran the guard." She did not answer.

A large part of the work had to be done a second, third, time his brain, unaccustomed to concentrated mental processes, soon grew weary; he repeated aloud a fact of figures without the least comprehension of the sounds formed by his lips, and he would say them again and again, until he had forced into his blurring mind some significance, some connection.

Her unaccustomed eyes could see nothing but greenery and flowers at first, for Miss Harley's long, low, two-storey cottage was entirely overgrown with dense masses of ivy and other creeping plants.