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Monday for the first time, offensive odors came from the mud and slime that was shovelled into the streets by householders and storekeepers. In this work men, women and children were engaged. Wives of prominent citizens were seen with shovel and hoe, some of them wearing their husbands' trousers and rubber boots, doing as best they could the work of men.

If he'll go with us, I'm strong enough why, I shovelled snow on the special to Bismarck that's how they let me ride and skating home I didn't stop to rest " "Yes, yes, my boy, we know." "I walked and walked straps broke I forgot to tell you that's why I had to. But it didn't do any good it didn't do any good!

The engine lurched and shook and rattled, and as they shot under a bridge the engine seemed to shout in her ears. The fireman shovelled on coals. Bobbie unrolled the brown paper and disclosed the toy engine. "I thought," she said wistfully, "that perhaps you'd mend this for me because you're an engineer, you know." The engine-driver said he was blowed if he wasn't blest.

The barge gang shovelled the coal into bushel baskets; these were carried to the men on the stages; and the latter passed them from one to the other, to the gun deck; finally, the gang on the vessel carried the baskets to the bunker holes, and dumped them. The ship was well provided with hoisting machines, but, for some reason, this help was not permitted us.

A sack was procured from somewhere, into which the dog, now silenced from sheer exhaustion and fright, was unceremoniously thrust, after which the sack was tied and flung into the wagon. This formidable obstacle overcome and the Roneys still slumbering peacefully, the rest was easy. The granary door was pried open and the wheat shovelled hurriedly in upon the empty floor.

Dervish prisoners, released but still wearing their jibbas, assisted stalwart Egyptians in unloading rails and sleepers. Dinkas, Shillooks, Jaalin, and Barabras shovelled contentedly together at the embankments.

Father will soon be home, Dick, so don't delay." Dick, having at length brought himself to place the dog in its grave, hastily shovelled in the earth, muttering as he did so, "He'd better not cross me again; if he does he'll have to repent it. Lie there, poor dog!" he added, as he finished the work. "I've a mind to put up a tombstone, and write on it, `Wantonly killed by Lord Reginald Oswald."

Bennoch also and Dr. set out their trees, and indeed, it was in some sense a joint affair, for the rest of the party held up each tree, while its godfather shovelled in the earth; but, after all, the gardener had more to do with it than we. After this important business was over, Mr.

He realized now that he had been hearing these sounds quite without hearing them, after the fashion of the absorbed workman for the last half-hour. Looking out, he beheld an interesting affair in full swing. At each end of the side yard the heavy snow which a late March storm had brought overnight had been shovelled and manipulated into the semblance of a fort such as lads are wont to make.

One held a coarse screen of willow which he shook continuously above a common cooking-pot, while the other slowly shovelled earth over this sieve. When the two pots, which with the shovel seemed to be all the tools these men possessed, had been half filled thus with the fine earth, the men carried them to the river. We followed.