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He blowed about it all over the district, as if it was very funny, an' he says " An' Billy stopped. "What did he say?" she shouted. "Well, the fact is," says Billy, "that I hardly like to tell it to a lady. I wouldn't like to tell yer, Mrs Hardwick." "But you'll have to tell me, Billy Grimshaw," she screams. "I have a right to know.

"A naval battle between Russia and Japan would draw; if I could fix some floats on the creek my stun boat could represent Russia, and Deacon Huffer's Japan, I jest as lives mine would be blowed up and sunk as not, 'tain't good for much. And if I did have that I would have the Russian Bear set on the shore growlin', and the Powers furder back lookin' pleasantly on.

"What?" said Perkins. "You ask my friend and me to come and drink with you, and then want me to dun him for the money to pay for it. Well, I am blowed!" Oh, the whole thing was most unsatisfactory and incomprehensible! I had long believed that all was not right with my hat. I could prove nothing, but I had no doubt in my own mind that the girl took liberties with it.

Then the wall of the bush itself yielded to his thrusting, let him through, and closed behind his blue-clad back. Africa had received him to her silence and her mystery. "Well, I'm blowed!" The tall telegraphist stared at the place where he had vanished. "I say, you chaps, we ought to go after him." No one moved. "I shouldn't care to come to my hands with him," said another.

Miz Bob Kittridge, the old lady's darter-in-law, give me the dollar and the job; and I done it. "The old lady lived over behind this here very mountain, all alone on the Kittridge farm. The tracks was jest natcherly blowed over and hid under more snow than ye ever see in a Winter nowadays. I believe there was five foot on a level in the woods.

I've been a wife, and I've been a mother, and I never see such unprincipled bread in Casterbridge as this before. But you must be a real stranger here not to know what's made all the poor volks' insides plim like blowed bladders this week?" "I am," said Elizabeth's mother shyly.

I know all about musical instruments from a pipe-organ to a corn-stalk fiddle. There ain't a man lives, sir, that can tell me any news about any instrument that has to be pounded, blowed, scraped, grinded, picked, or wound with a key. "'You get me what you like, dad, says Marilla, who couldn't keep her feet on the floor from joy. 'Of course you know what to select.

By and by a loud call rang through the tabernacle, and in another minute the platter of dough-nuts was borne in by two cooks. One, they said was Mrs. Victoria, and the other was Mr. Napoleon, curious acquaintances, who lugged and tugged, and puffed and blowed; and the piping hot doughnuts nuts gave out their glows.

Indeed, it would not be too much to say that I gaped. "Mr. Fink-Nottle?" "Yes, sir." "You don't mean Mr. Fink-Nottle?" "Yes, sir." "But Mr. Fink-Nottle's not in London?" "Yes, sir." "Well, I'm blowed." And I'll tell you why I was blowed. I found it scarcely possible to give credence to his statement.

The wind have blowed down the chimley that don't smoke, and the pinning-end with it; and the old ancient house, that have been in your family so long as the memory of man, is naked to the world! It is a mercy that your grammer were not killed, sitting by the hearth, poor old soul, and soon to walk wi' God, for 'a 's getting wambling on her pins, Mr. Swithin, as aged folks do.

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