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But here the door opened, and she allowed herself to be led out into the hall. They had not made more than half a dozen steps down its dim length when the guard hurried toward them. "Talk to him," whispered Caroline Smith. "He's come to stop me, and you're the only person who can make him let me pass on!" The guard hurriedly came up to them. "Sorry," he said.

As he looked out he saw below a crowd of excited men and women moving about the street. "Hey, Jack!" he called. "Come here." Jack joined him at the window. "Now what's up, do you suppose?" asked Frank. "Too deep for me," declared Jack, "but something surely. Let's go down and find out." Hurriedly they slipped back into their clothes, and went down stairs.

Daddy Skinner was looking down, clinging to the bars mightily, his under lip shaking, his dark teeth chattering together the grizzled head making a sharp picture of misery in the barred window. Emotion in her father was new to Tess. A little frightened cry fell from her lips and she clutched hurriedly at the thick creeping ivy which clung to the old gray stone building.

What a wonderful country!" "Here, now," he went on, "sit right here on the grass on my coat. Lie down, you Tim! That's right, boy I can't stand this any longer I've got to get busy." Hurriedly he went about jointing his rod, putting on the reel, threading the line through the guides, while she sat, her hand on the dog's shaggy head. She felt something placed in her lap.

His mustaches were twirled up with unusual grace. "You will find Mr. Alwynn in the study," said Ruth, hurriedly. His only answer was to cast aside his whip and gloves, as possible impediments later on, and to settle himself, with an elegant arrangement of the choicest gaiters, on the grass at her feet.

My negro-head pipe slipped suddenly, and fell into the grass, happily without injury. "Indeed!" said I. "Can you not see what this means, sir?" he went on hurriedly. "Jasper will fight." "Indeed," said I again, "I fear so."

Before dawn I dropped off into a doze ... suddenly I fancied some one came into my room, and called me, uttered my name, in a voice not loud, but resolute. I raised my head and saw no one; but, strange to say! I was not only not afraid I was glad; I suddenly felt a conviction that now I should certainly attain my object. I dressed hurriedly and went out of the house.

Great German merchant ships, useless since the war began, appeared deserted, but other and smaller craft dashed hurriedly hither and yon. "Why all the excitement?" was Frank's comment, as the three stood well forward while the warship steamed through the harbor. "Several reasons, I guess," said Jack.

He waved his daughter back with the remark, "It was nothing it is past;" and raising himself in his chair, looked again upon the ring. "There is no doubt," he murmured, "it is that same ring that Arabic ring, brought me from the East, and which I gave oh, no! impossible!" he hurriedly exclaimed, as a horrible thought seemed to cross him. "She has been dead many years since.

Then he added hurriedly, "I have some business this afternoon with a man who lives in your direction." She assented a little stiffly but with an inward thrill. His words and manner seemed suddenly to make the situation unmistakable. Among the books it had been for the moment obscured. He rang for his own servant, and gave directions about the maid.