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It made Dorothy shudder to see a huge iron kettle suspended by a stout chain in the middle of the place, and underneath the kettle a great heap of kindling wood and shavings, ready to light. "What's that?" asked the shaggy man, drawing back as they approached this place, so that they were forced to push him forward.

It was found afterwards that Oddo had acted as lady's maid, fitting the gowns to the shortest men, and dressing up their heads, so as best to hide the shaggy hair.

On the contrary, I chose the most shaggy little Cossack horse that I could see, and I sprang upon it with as much assurance as though it had belonged to my father before me. It had a great bag of plunder slung over its neck, and this I laid upon Violette's back, and led her along beside me. Never have you seen such a picture of the Cossack returning from the foray. It was superb.

Up in the garret three little children were playing by the light of my beams; the eldest was perhaps six years old, the youngest certainly not more than two. 'Tramp, tramp' somebody was coming upstairs: who might it be? The door was thrust open it was Bruin, the great, shaggy Bruin! He had got tired of waiting down in the courtyard, and had found his way to the stairs.

Beside it stands a caravan like those which make their appearance at fairs, and that contains the family goods and chattels. A string of clothes hung out to dry, a water-tub and a rough, shaggy dog usually complete the picture." "But how can people live in the hut," asked Malcolm, "if the charcoal is burned in it? Ugh! I should think they'd choke."

"Dear me!" she exclaimed. "There used to be only five roads, highway and all. And now why, where's the highway, Shaggy Man?" "Can't say, miss," he responded, sitting down upon the ground as if tired with standing. "Wasn't it here a minute ago?" "I thought so," she answered, greatly perplexed. "And I saw the gopher holes, too, and the dead stump; but they're not here now.

Little Mara was the pearl of the old seaman's life, every finer particle of his nature came out in her concentrated and polished, and he often wondered at a creature so ethereal belonging to him as if down on some shaggy sea-green rock an old pearl oyster should muse and marvel on the strange silvery mystery of beauty that was growing in the silence of his heart.

I made some enormous gills, which were to be glued on to Cesar. My costume was not chosen; it was passed over for that of a stupid, big girl whose name I cannot remember. She had made a huge tail of kid and a mask with big eyes and gills, but there were no scales, and we should have to see Cesar's shaggy coat.

And I've got a message for you from that dried-up old fellow with the shaggy head. He sent you his love every bit of it, he said. And he's found some more gewgaws he's going to bring up some day. Told me that, too." Masie had reached the floor and was running toward him with her hands extended, Fudge springing in front.

The shaggy old fellow blinked his eyes rapidly, then suddenly relieved his feelings with an outrageous burst of profanity. With a rapidity bewildering to his hearers, his tone instantly changed again to one of lachrymose solemnity: "'Gawd moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform!" he piously repeated. "AIN'T, now, he does, Tillie! Och!" he exclaimed, "I got a thought!

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