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This man had probably never been in a place like this before in his life, and he didn't take to it. At the Hutchinsons' door he stopped and explained: "We were going to have an oyster stew here because the Hutchinsons are going away; but Mr. Hutchinson said we could come up." "Very kind of Mr. Hutchinson, I'm sure." Despite his stiffly collected bearing, Mr.

Forchhammer, in Leonhard und Bronn s Jahrbuch, 1841, p. 8, says of the sand-hills of the Danish coast: "It is not rare to find, high in the knolls, marine shells, and especially those of the oyster.

I regret to say that he gave me very little encouragement, and did not seem at all to appreciate my feelings in the matter." "Oh, you mustn't mind Ferris," said Speed. "He is a first-rate fellow, but he is as cold and unsympathetic as well, suppose we say as an oyster. His great hobby is non-intercourse with the world we have left.

It had become a favorite resort for many modern spirits artists, literary men, musicians, self-supporting women and Pauline's oyster suppers, cooked in her grandmother's blazer, were still a stimulus to high thinking. So matters stood when Selma entered it as a bride. Her coming signified the breaking up of the household and the establishment.

The formula for obtaining the composition is as follows: To one hundred parts of unslaked lime, that obtained from calcined oyster shells producing the best results, add five parts of carbonate of magnesia and five parts of ground silex.

They united to hold a convention of the Progressive party at Chicago in 1916 on the same days on which the Republican Convention met there. Each convention opened with a calculating eye upon the activities of the other. But both watched with even more anxious surmise for some sign of intention from the Progressive leader back at Oyster Bay.

A worker, known to be such; a manager, recognized as one who could make incongruous elements meet and marshal into working order. In that capacity she found her place even in the First Church, for they had fairs and festivals, and oyster suppers, and other trials even in the First Church; and there was much work to be done, and Marion Wilbur could work.

Lying there, in another man's bed, I felt like a burglar and I slept like an oyster the oyster being, as naturalists know, a most sound sleeper. In the morning there was breakfast at the great table the flies of the night before being still present with General von Heeringen inquiring most earnestly as to how we had rested, and then going out to see to the day's killing.

He is joined by delegates from the mountain, the great lakes and the Pacific coast in the trout, the salmon and the whitefish, and by that quiet, silent and slow-going cousin of the fraternity, the oyster, most valuable of all, as possessors of those qualities not unfrequently are.

The Sea Lion, of the Vineyard, imitated each movement, and was brought down precisely to the same canvass as her consort, and on the same tack. At that moment the two vessels were not a cable's length asunder, the Oyster Ponders being slightly to leeward.