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The office was just closing, but Mr. Brett the partner with whom Percival happened to be acquainted was there, and received the visitors very civilly. "You seem to know this this gentleman, Mr. Brett?" began Percival, somewhat stiffly. "I think I have that pleasure," said Mr.

There was only a stiffly polite little conversation about colleges and travels, with a word or two about books and plays. Then the callers went home. On the way the boy smiled scornfully to himself. He was trying to picture the beauteous vision he had seen, this unapproachable Princess in her filmy lace gown, standing in the tower window and waving waving to a bit of a house on the opposite hill.

I met some old friends at least, they spotted me from the stalls and sent a note, and, of course, I had to go and speak to them." She was standing rather stiffly within the circle of his arms. "You're not wild with me?" he asked in a whisper. "I'm so sorry. If you knew how badly I wanted to see you." He kissed her lips.

She remained quite still, as if she did not hear him. He touched her shoulder. "What is it, Ann?" he repeated urgently. At the touch of his hand she glanced stupidly towards him. Then, shivering a little as though suddenly cold, she got up stiffly out of her chair. But still she did not speak. Robin slipped his arm round her. "Ann dear old thing, tell me. What's happened?" he entreated.

But no one can be killed in this marvelous country, and Nick, with his tin body, went gaily on living and was considered so distinguished that the Winkies had begged him to be their Emperor. "Scraps!" called the Professor as Nick sat stiffly down beside Dorothy. The Patchwork Girl pirouetted madly to the front. Putting one finger in her mouth, she sang: "I'm made of patches, as you see.

"Dear old boy!" cried Lady Johnstone. "It is good to see you. No don't kiss me, my dear it's far too hot. Let me look at you." Sir Adam gravely introduced Clare. Lady Johnstone's fat face became stony as a red granite mummy case, and she bent her apoplectic neck stiffly. "Oh!" she ejaculated. "Very glad, I'm sure. Were you going for a walk?" she asked, turning to Brook, severely.

"And my trust in you, Master, is more precious to me than any stone!" A year later I was visiting my guru at the Calcutta home of his disciple, Naren Babu. About ten o'clock in the morning, as Sri Yukteswar and I were sitting quietly in the second-floor parlor, I heard the front door open. Master straightened stiffly. "It is that Sasi," he remarked gravely.

It really belongs to mother, but she let me bring it here. She's awfully fond of old jewelry, and she has a lot. I hate all kinds, but this covers my bones so beautifully." "The pendant is lovely too," put in Betty hastily, as Georgia moved off toward her room. "Is that old too?" "I don't know," said Georgia stiffly. "That isn't a family thing. It was given to me by somebody I don't like."

"I am much honoured in placing myself at the disposal of so far-sighted a commander," said Gerrard, a little stiffly, as he saluted. Charteris laughed, and clapped him on the back with a friendly force no stiffness could survive. "Ain't we too old friends to stand on our dignity with each other, Hal?

He held up the card between his thumb and finger. Miss Appleton blushed, for all the world like a boy, then answered, stiffly: "It stands for Violet. But that isn't my fault, and I'm doing my best to live it down." "Miss Appleton," said the editor of The Review, "would you like to take a vacation?" "Is that your delicate way of telling me I'm discharged?" inquired Eliza.