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Among his patients was the child of the Shiek's daughter for even this poor, ragged handful of sores and sin has its royal Shiek a poor old mummy that looked as if he would be more at home in a poor-house than in the Chief Magistracy of this tribe of hopeless, shirtless savages.

He came down, opened the carriage door, let down the steps, and offered his arm to Nora to alight; but she pushed past him, bounded up the steps, and the next moment found herself in her mother's arms. "How do you do, my dear Nora?" said Mrs. O'Shanaghgan. "I am glad to see you, dear, but also surprised. You acted in your usual headstrong fashion." "Oh, another time, mother. Mummy, how are you?

She got me on to a lounge, soft as as marshmallows, and she piled one silk pillow after another behind my back. "Come, dear, let me help you off with your coat," she cooed, bending over me. "Oh, mummy, it's so cold! Can't I please keep it on?" To let that coat off me was to give the whole thing away.

Amense and Mysa were present at the ceremony, and wailed with their hair in disorder over their shoulders and dust sprinkled on their heads. Oil was poured over the head of the mummy, and after the ceremony was over Amense and Mysa embraced the mummied body, bathing its feet with their tears and uttering expressions of grief and praises of the deceased.

His prisoner kicked, but owing to Nikky's wise precaution of having straddled him, nothing untoward happened. Behold, then, Nikky of the brave heart standing over his prostrate prisoner, and rolling him, mummy fashion, in his own tunic and a rug from the machine.

She stared very hard at the round face of her parent, and wondered down deep in her heart why she was so very fond of Mummy. "Let us go out and have a walk," she said, restlessly; "let us visit the little shrimp-woman; I'd like to see her and all the old haunts again." "But before we go," said Mrs. Aylmer, "tell me, my darling, why are you nervous, why you fear you may not get the Scholarship."

We can distinguish certain groups of chapters, an Osirian section on the kingdom of Osiris and the service of it, a theological section, a set of incantations, formulae for the restoration of the heart, for the protection of the soul from spirits and serpents in the hours of night, charms to escape from perils ordained by the gods, an account of the paradise of Osiris, a different version of the kingdom and judgment of Osiris, a Heliopolitan doctrine about the ba, and its powers of transformation entirely apart from all that is stated elsewhere, the account of the reunion of soul and body, magic formulae for entering the Osirian kingdom, another account of the judgment of Osiris, charms for the preservation of the mummy and for making efficacious amulets, together with various portions of popular beliefs.

Although walls were often built on sloping rock, and the builders had experience and at times disastrous experience to guide them, the necessity for a fiat and solid foundation was never appreciated. Walls were sometimes built on loose debris; even refuse which had been covered and formed an artificial soil was considered sufficient. There are many instances in the canyon where lack of foresight or lack of knowledge in this respect has brought about the destruction of walls. Walls resting on foreign material occur throughout the region; they are not confined to anyone class of ruins or to any part of the canyon, but are found as much or more in the most recent as in the most ancient examples. Mummy Cave ruin and Casa Blanca are good examples. In the latter the small room on the left of the upper group (plate XLVII) is especially interesting. The side walls appear to rest on a deposit of refuse nearly 2

"Mummy, this is such a lovely dog " implored Alice, the June bugs forgotten. "And we'll take care of him," added Peggy. Billy put one arm around the dog's neck. "I guess when you hear the story 'bout him you'll let him stay," he said solemnly. "Tell us, son," Mr. Lee joined in for the first time. So Billy stood before them to plead for his dog.

I never set eyes on the horrid thing in my life. And only to-night you told me that you loved " "Yes, yes, I said many foolish things, I don't doubt, madam. But that is not the question. My mummy! my mummy!" he rapped the wood furiously "how does my mummy come to be here?" "I don't know," said Mrs. Jasher, still furious, "and I don't care."