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Clementina did not sleep till well toward morning, and she was still sleeping when Mrs. Atwell knocked and called in to her that her brother Jim wanted to see her. She hurried down, and in the confusion of mind left over from the night before she cooed sweetly at Jim as if he had been Mr. Gregory, "What is it, Jim? What do you want me for?"

Well, dearie, I don't know yet what you found, but I do know you wouldn't have found it at all if it hadn't been for Kate and I wish I had her here this minute!" Billy giggled hysterically. "I don't not right here," she cooed, nestling comfortably against her lover's arm. "But you see, dear, she never has approved of the marriage."

Kedzie acknowledged his conquest, bowed her head, and pouted up at him with such exquisite impudence that he groaned: "I don't know whether I ought to kiss you or kill you." "Take your choice, my master," Kedzie cooed. He snarled at her: "I guess the news I bring will do for you. There was a fire in the studio last night. You didn't know of it?" Kedzie, dumbly aghast, shook her head.

"They were not afraid of me. Even the widow Larkum's baby cooed softly until you were out of sight." "It must be a child of amazing intelligence." Mrs. Flaxman, looking more anxious than ever interjected a remark, not very relevantly, about the prospect of our early winter; but Mr. Winthrop allowed her remark to fall unheeded.

It was bad enough to lose the little grandson. Think how you would grieve if your dear little boy should die." "We don't ever think of dying, do we, Dicky?" Evaleen cooed, making mother eyes at her baby. "The world must have seemed a blank to Burr after Theodosia was drowned." "Was she drowned?" questioned Arlington.

Through it all the baby blinked and wept and cooed in perfect peace, guarded by Mrs. Crow and the faithful progeny who had been left by the stork, and not by a mysterious stranger. The missionary societies wanted to do something heroic, but Mrs. Crow headed them off; the sewing circle got ready to take charge of affairs, but Mrs.

He is almost asleep now. I think he will let me put him down in his own little bed. Ptolemy brought it over here. Pull back the covers for me, Lucien. There!" Diogenes half opened his eyes, as she laid him in the bed and smiled wanly. "Mudder!" he cooed. Silvia flushed and looked as if she dreaded some expression of mirth from me.

"Yes, oh! yes, but he's so-o nice, with it," cooed the merle's brown-eyed "mate." "He has never oh! never squeezed me out of anything, just because I was a girl; always said that two two could hunt together and make good headway!" softly. "And so they can: and so they will, when it comes to the grandest quest of all, the hunt for truth and justice at the polls, voting side by side! Girls!

"Where have you been?" she cried, as Miriam and her friend approached. "I have been waiting for you. So many have been asking for you. I expected you to be here." "My dear Mrs. Gunnison," cooed the girl, "you must forgive me. Absolutely, I could not help myself. I was all ready on time but I have been admiring again your wonderful house.

It would be hard to assess, in coin of the realm, the value of the political and social secrets stowed away in that big head. "First, I must put a question or two," he said, smiling at a baby which cooed at him from the shaded depths of a passing perambulator. "Is there another woman?" "Yes, the postmaster's daughter, Doris Martin." "Shy, pretty little bird, of course?"