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Frank felt relieved. He had attempted a reconciliation. She had refused. He felt a sense of duty done. We may add that Mrs. Mathers pouted for more than a week. The second anniversary of his father's death having arrived, Frank, profiting by his step-mother's absence, took a small bunch of sweet scented flowers and proceeded towards the Foulon Cemetery, where his parents were buried.

"Oh! it's nothing," she said; "only I have put some powder in my hair. Like the Empress," she added, and broke into another smile. As she was drawing on her gloves, a ring was heard, and the maid came in to tell her mistress that Monsieur Delbèque was waiting to see her. Madame Ewans pouted and declared she could not receive him, whereupon the maid spoke a few words in a very peremptory whisper.

"She probably stays at home and dusts the drawing-room," said Judith, laughing. "Don't be horrid," pouted Sally May. "Oh, there's Mrs. Dexter. Wouldn't it be thrilling to be President? You'd make a good President, Judy, you're so tall. Come on,

"You can't marry both of us," he almost shouted. "And it isn't the custom... what... what Billy said?" "No, it isn't the custom. Now, Loretta, will you marry me?" "Don't be angry with me," she pouted demurely. He gathered her into his arms and kissed her.

Mathieu made the usual inquiries of Norine, who answered him gayly, but pouted somewhat at the prospect of having so soon to leave the house, where she had found herself so comfortable. "We shan't easily find such soft mattresses and such good food, eh, Victoire?" she asked.

Nothing seemed to have happened to the Frau. A doctor had come that was all. "Ach," said Sabina. "I think no more of it. I listen no more. Ach, I would like to go away I hate this talk. I will not hear it. No, it is too much." She leaned both elbows on the table cupped her face in her hands and pouted. But the outer door suddenly opening, she sprang to her feet and laughed.

I'll watch Malcolm till I get the hang of it, then I'll stand off and think compliments about your friend till her ears burn and she is duly impressed. Grandfather is always saying, 'Who does the best his circumstance allows, does nobly. Angels could do no more." "I wish I had never mentioned the subject," pouted Lloyd, as they walked on down the frozen pike.

"I am so happy!" she repeated, "and you must be happy too!" Mrs. Vane winced, and put her thin bismuth-whitened hands on her daughter's head. "Happy!" she echoed, "I am only happy, Sibyl, when I see you act. You must not think of anything but your acting. Mr. Isaacs has been very good to us, and we owe him money." The girl looked up and pouted. "Money, mother?" she cried, "what does money matter?

"Nat," she said in a softer voice, "if you like me as well as I like you " He moved away a pace or two. "Ah, child!" he said, with a feeling that the term was not misapplied, somehow, "you don't know what you're saying." "Yes, I do." She pouted. "I don't believe you... care anything about me." "Oh, Josie, please " "Well, anyway, you've never told me so." She turned an indignant shoulder to him.

She pouted at her husband because he persistently refused to present her request to Cosmo, and declared that she would do it herself, then, for she must have those jewels, now that they were so near. But Cosmo was saved from this, and other equally unreasonable demands, by a warning from De Beauxchamps that all was ready, and that no time should be lost.