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His adversaries rushed upon him, and one of them thrusting a sharp and slender iron pike through a weak place in his armour, pierced his breast; Caesar cursed God and died.

A masterly and comprehensive summary of the virtues and vices of the Tudor monarch, who has been described as "the king, the whole king, and nothing but the king," may be found in "A History of Crime in England," by Luke Owen Pike.

For, though neither the Constitution nor a proclamation can quite yet go down practically into Slavery, Slavery might come up here to find the Constitution in its old place at the Potomac ferry, and without a toll or pike to heed. It seemed so sensible to say, that, where one document cannot go, another cannot! And yet it depends upon what is in the document.

The shock of finding Anna feverish and ill, and with her hands bandaged, had upset her greatly. Dan, sincerely touched and conscience-stricken, stepped forward. "Aunt Pike," he began, "I " But Kitty with a look and a sign checked him. "Wait," she whispered. "I think you had better wait, or you may make things worse for Anna." Dan looked distressed.

Some one might get hurt, you see, before the enemy get close enough to use the pikes. And then when they came close he said, 'Now, sergeant, I think it is time to move out and stop them. When they came upon us he was fighting with his half pike with the best of us.

A routed army was before it, pouring down Loudoun Street, pouring down Main Street, pouring down every street and lane, pouring out of the northern end of the town, out upon the Martinsburg pike, upon the road to the frontier, the road to the Potomac. There was yet firing in narrow side streets, a sweeping out of single and desperate knots of blue.

But Morgan's men passed through Clermont, Brown, Adams, Pike, Jackson, Vinton, Athens, and Gallia counties into Meigs with comparatively little molestation, though the militia learned rapidly to embarrass if not to imperil his course. His men suffered terribly in their long ride.

So Zebulon Pike privately warned every one against getting the "function" from Sedalia. There are plenty of people here who don't know exactly what a function is, myself among them. So people edged away from Sedalia, and some asked her if she had seen the doctor and what he thought of her case. Poor girl, I'm afraid she didn't have a very enjoyable time.

This disorderly body, coming from the pike and from the field beyond, carried all before it, and the second platoon of the Riverlawns could not understand the cause of the sudden commotion. The roar of artillery, not distant from them, soon revealed the cause of the stampede.

"My hearts!" shouted Lumsden, waving his pike "my brave hearts, let's enter." "Forward!" shouted Munro; "advance pikes!" With a wild cheer the Scots burst forward; the gates were stormed, and in a moment the cannon, being seized, were turned, and volleys of bullets poured upon the dense masses of the Imperialists.