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He plainly was the most suitable person for the place. Franklin, the father of American diplomacy, was rapidly approaching the close of his long and busy life, and John Adams, the only other statesman whose diplomatic experience could be compared with that of Thomas Jefferson, was Vice President.

The cooler headed Russell saw that the problem had been solved; Nellie Dawson had won over Vose Adams, as may be said, by the turn of her finger. He was eager to do all he could to help them, but in the flurry of the moment could not reason with his usual acumen. "We don't want any shooting, Vose; I am sure that if we can reach Sacramento without meeting the captain, his anger will pass away.

His diary is published in the Atlantic Monthly for April and May, 1877, 384 and 544. I shall use it freely without further definite reference. Frothingham's "Life of Warren," 413 Bulletin of Boston Public Library, x, No. 87, 320. Frothingham's "Life of Warren," 435-436. Wells, "Life of Adams," ii, 281. Andrews Letters.

Tammany Hall stood at the end of the vista. Mr. Alley, one of the strictest of moralists, held that his object in making the bargain was to convert the Democratic Party to anti-slavery principles, and that he did it. Henry Adams could rise to no such moral elevation. He was only a boy, and his object in supporting the coalition was that of making his friend a Senator.

And I couldn't have worked you quite like poor little Elizabeth was worked. I didn't think there was so much money, or that that lady in England would have left you a legacy or that Winthrop Adams would come to believing that he couldn't live without you." "Then you were kind to have a plan about it, and I am glad to know it."

"That is what I should like," said Benjamin, evidently delighted with this unexpected offer; "I find it difficult to get all the books I want." "It would afford me great pleasure to assist you what little I can in this respect," repeated Mr. Adams. "Boys who are not privileged to go to school need such help, and I am glad to see that you are disposed to accept of it."

Even the boy who had been sent to communicate with them had not returned. "No news?" said Berselius, as he stepped from his tent-door and glanced around him. "None," replied Meeus. Adams now appeared, and the servants who had been preparing breakfast laid it on the grass.

Adams had the support of none of those slaveholding states, with the exception of Kentucky, and her delegates were equally divided between him and General Jackson. The decisive vote was, in effect, in the hands of Mr. Clay, then Speaker of the House, who cast it for Mr.

It was foreseen on both sides, that the result of the conflict might depend on the course taken by foreign powers, especially by England. The South counted upon the demand for cotton as certain to secure English help, direct or indirect, for the Southern cause. Mr. Charles Francis Adams was selected by Mr. Seward, the secretary of state, to represent the Union at the Court of St. James.

This was no dull shifting of matter, as in an earthquake, or of air as in a storm; this sound was alive. Adams sprang to the tent where Berselius was sleeping, and dragged him out by the arm, crying, "Listen!" He would have cried, "See!" but the words withered on his lips at the sight which was now before him as he faced east.