It is exhibited by writing a line of nine 4's and then placing regularly increasing numbers under the several 4's, beginning with the second. Thus 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 192, and 384, each increased by 4, will give the resultant series, 4, 7, 10, 16, 28, 52, 100, 196, 388.

I am a king, and can procure them for you at your pleasure; and what will certainly never happen to you in respect of your enemies, I will cease to persecute you as soon as you cease to take a pride in being persecuted. Your good friend, FREDERICK." Corr., iv. 313, 343, 388, 398. Ib. 395. Ib. 389, etc. Ib. 384. Ib. 343, 344, 387, etc. Corr., iv. 346. Ib. 390.

EA IPSA COGITANTEM: = de eis ipsis cog.: so Acad. 2, 127 cogitantes supera atque caelestia, and often. ACTA VITA: 'the life I have led'; cf. 62 honeste acta superior aetas; so Tusc. 1, 109; Fam. 4, 13, 4. VIVENTI: dative of reference. A. 235; G. 354; H. 384, 4, n. 3. Sensim must have meant at one time 'perceptibly', then 'only just perceptibly', then 'gradually' and almost 'imperceptibly'.

Darwin's final view is given in the "Origin," 6th edit., 1900, p. 384. He acknowledges that it would be advantageous to two incipient species if, by physiological isolation due to mutual sterility, they could be kept from blending; but he continues: "After mature reflection, it seems to me that this could not have been effected through Natural Selection."

Whitney invented the Cotton-gin now in use, by which the labor of at least one thousand hands under the old system, is performed by one, in preparing the crop for market. Seven years after the invention 35,000,000 pounds were raised, and 17,800,000 exported. In 1834, 460,000,000 were raised 384,750,000 exported. Such was the effect of Mr. Whitney's invention.

With these slight exceptions, the translation appears to us singularly felicitous, notwithstanding the task must have been very difficult, which Dr. Palmer has performed with such rare success. Farm-Drainage. By HENRY E. FRENCH. New York: A.O. Moore & Co. 1859. 8vo. pp. 384.

After the Berlin-Tokyo axis was formed , Germany became particularly interested in American naval affairs, for the axis, among other things, exchanged military secrets. Shortly before the agreement was made, Dieckhoff suddenly went to work for the Staten Island Shipbuilding Co., Staten Island, which was building four United States destroyers, numbers 364, 365, 384 and 385.

Grotius's History was translated into French by M. L'Heritier, father of Mademoiselle L'Heritier, famous for her writings: but it deserves a new translator to turn it into better French. Ep. 595. p. 236. Ep. 402. p. 869. Ep. 454. p. 883. Ep. 539. p. 916. Parhasiana, t. 1. p. 161. Preface de l'Hist. de Hollande. Ep. 873. p. 384. Vie par Gassendi, l. 3. p. 182.

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Soon after Michigan became a state, the Superintendent of Public Instruction made an inventory of these which showed that at $15 an acre they would bring a fund of $691,200 and an annual income to the University of $48,384. At $20, which he thought might easily represent their value, they would bring an annual income of $64,912.