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The immediate cause of Mr. Sharpe's letter was a hint to him from the Court, "that one person is all-powerful in everything regarding Scotland, I mean Sir W.S." This was not the only appeal made to Scott to interpose, and that he had done so at least in one case effectually may be seen by referring to Sharpe's Letters, vol. ii. pp. 380, 388, 389.

She even carried further her dissimulation and hypocrisy. Murray had come to London, with the abbot of Kilwinning, agent for Chatelrault; and she seduced them, by secret assurances of protection, to declare before the ambassadors of France and Spain that she had nowise contributed to their insurrection. * Knox, p. 380, 385. Knox, p. 388. * Melvil, p. 57. Knox, p. 388. Keith, p. 319.

Lady Aylesbury has been at the play in the Haymarket, and the Duke and my four nieces at Ranelagh this evening. Letters, vii. 388. The following Monday he wrote: 'Mercy on us! we seem to be plunging into the horrors of France, in the reigns of Charles VI. and VII.! yet, as extremes meet, there is at this moment amazing insensibility.

The queen observed that, even without her interposition, Mary was sufficiently depressed by the mutinous spirit of her own subjects; and instead of giving Scotland for the present any inquietude or disturbance, she employed herself, more usefully and laudably, in regulating the affairs of her own kingdom, and promoting the happiness of her people. * Camden, p. 388.

The whole chapter is a most interesting anticipation, partly due to the influence of Aristotle, of the notions of later centuries. See Bayle's Dict., s.v. Althusius. Lettres de la Montagne, I. vi. 388. Eccles. Polity, Bk. i.; bks. i.-iv., 1594; bk. v., 1597; bks. vi.-viii., 1647, being forty-seven years after the author's death.

* Two famous decisions of Marshall's in this field are those in the Schooner Exchange vs. McFaddon et al, 7 Cranch, 116, and the case of the Nereide, 9 ib., 388. 5 Cranch, 136.

He drew from some source now lost to us possibly an ecclesiastical or semi-ecclesiastical writer some details of the persecution of Diocletian and of the career of Magnus Maximus. For the rest, his ideas of Roman history may be judged by his statement that the two Walls which defended the north of the province the Walls of Hadrian and Pius were built somewhere between A.D. 388 and 440.

In 1903, the Holy Synod received 28,388,049 roubles from the Imperial budget, besides other revenue and gifts. The Empire is divided into 15 educational districts: St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kasan, Orenburg, Kharkoff, Odessa, Kief, Vilna, Warsaw, Riga, Caucasus, Turkestan, West Siberia, East Siberia and Amur.

He was subsequently twice elected to the Missouri Legislature. In 1856 he was a Democratic Presidential Elector, and was a delegate to the Charleston Convention of 1860. On the expulsion of Trusten Polk from the United States Senate, he was appointed to fill the vacancy. In 1863 he was elected for the full term, ending in 1869. 161, 377, 382, 386, 388, 461, 530, 531, 533, 534, 559.