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Now we recognize that we must learn to live as truly as we must learn to read, and that the culture of the soul must profit by the wondrous strides that all educational science has made; that all our efforts to produce character must be so wisely directed that we shall secure the best and most enduring results. One message comes from the lips of every seer, from every page of history.

"I certainly don't coddle my boy, and I don't think I pet him, for I have the deepest horror of that practice: nothing is so weakening for both parties; it develops sentimentalism, and all mawkishness I abhor!—though I am what you would call ridiculously fond of him. However, you must come and see us, and give me your most candid opinion, criticism, and censure on my educational methods.

The system thus inaugurated met a great and real need, and under it excellent work has been done on the lines laid down by the Department at Whitehall; for, receiving State aid, the training colleges and all the schools, like other similar denominational institutions on the same footing, are inspected and in a measure controlled by the national educational authority.

"For educational purposes," said the Academic Lion. "To catch the eye," said the Magazine Lion, "same as head-lines in a newspaper." "I see," exclaimed Diana. "You are here to keep the people from getting at the books? How modern!" This remark made the Academic Lion look like a Sphinx, as if he knew something but did not want to tell. But the Magazine Lion was distinctly flattered.

Feather cried. "It does not matter to you," he answered. "It chances for the time being to matter to me." Mademoiselle Vallé was an intelligent, mature French woman, with a peculiar power to grasp an intricate situation. She learned to love the child she taught a child so strangely alone. As time went on she came to know that Robin was to receive every educational advantage, every instruction.

They have been so conducted as to benefit every line of business and to help the community as a whole. Neither the name of the builder or owner of the home exhibited, nor the name of any person or business firm furnishing any portion of the exhibit, is permitted to be displayed. The motive behind the demonstration is primarily educational.

The Harbor. Institutions. Lack of Educational Facilities. Cuban Women. Street Etiquette. Architecture. Domestic Arrangements. Barred Windows and Bullet-Proof Doors. Public Vehicles. Uncleanliness of the Streets. Spanish or African! The Church Bells. Home-Keeping Habits of Ladies. Their Patriotism. Personal Characteristics. Low Ebb of Social Life. Priestcraft. Female Virtue. Domestic Ties.

The Mexicans, once in anarchy and enmity created by militarists and clericals, came to know one another in friendship, and arrived at something like a national consciousness. In 1889 there was held the first conference on educational problems which the republic had ever had.

This vast and unprofitable growth in the numbers of educational establishments could be stayed only by drastic regulation. Where neighbouring mixed Catholic or Protestant schools cannot show an average attendance of 25, they are now obliged to amalgamate, and the same result has to follow if neighbouring boys' and girls' schools fall below an average attendance of 30.

This educational suicide, it must also be remembered, can only be committed without serious social disturbance in a despotically-governed country like the German Empire. In England, with our system of party government, a complete measure of State control in educational matters would create a political pandemonium that would be little short of appalling.