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I had meant to be careful whom I admitted, but I had scarcely withdrawn the latch when the door was pushed open, and a slim, thickly-cloaked figure glided past me into the room. I knew her by the supple swiftness of her movements. Ray sat still, and smoked with the face of a Sphinx. I think that at first she did not see him. She swept round upon me and raised her veil.

And above this sand, above this sea of dead dust, the huge head of the Egyptian Sphinx rears itself aloft. What is it that those vast, protruding lips, those impassively-dilated, up-turned nostrils, and those eyes, those long, half-sleepy, half-watchful eyes, beneath the double arch of the lofty brows, are trying to say? For they are trying to say something! Bah!

"I have been present at the building of our temples, and even at the birth of the great sphinx, which is beyond having an age now, and all this happened in the course of fourteen hours." Now the last thought flashed before the prince: "A man who has passed through so much cannot live long." A chill went through him from head to foot, and he fell asleep.

The high boots and long, strangely graceful coat, cut with an Eastern hang, the white under-dress, the way the loose scarlet sleeves fell at the wrist, showing the white tight ones, the gold and silver trimmings and the arms, stuck in the quaint belt, all pleased her eye extremely; and then she recognized its wearer as the young man of the Sphinx. How dress changes a person! she thought.

"You're in love with her, or you wouldn't be so generous. And she's head over heels with you. And here you are! I'll give you one more chance " "I won't take it," I interrupted. "It isn't fair. I tell you I won't take it. I'll go two days earlier to prevent you. Unless you promise me Of course I see how things are with her. She's not a sphinx. But it isn't fair. It isn't.

His face held a sneer. Then he saw Rainey, and it changed to a mask that revealed nothing. His tune stopped. "I hear the captain's sick again," said Rainey. "Not serious, I hope." Carlsen stood there gazing at him with his look of a sphinx, his eyes half-closed, the scoffing light showing faintly. "Serious? I'm afraid it is serious this time, Rainey. Yes," he ended slowly.

Patsy was hugging the rear end of the day coach in order to keep out of the cruel storm, when his eyes rested upon the white face of a poorly clad woman. She stood motionless as a statue, voiceless as the Sphinx, with the cold rain beating upon her uplifted face, until Patsy cried "All aboard." Then she pulled herself together and climbed into the train.

"Of course, you guessed the letter and it was dear to have you do it, but we both know it is impossible. Nobody must hear of it, and the telling you has been the best I could get out of it anyway. Jasper, take my compliments to Petunia, this chicken is perfection!" That eighth wonder of the world which got lost was something even more mysterious than the Sphinx.

Across the stretch of yellow sands, seeking her riddle of the Sphinx, and asking from the Runic records of one dead faith, and the sand-buried temples of another, the aim of the True. Or clouds or rocks or winds or waves, the mutable or the unchangeable was in turn the theme of our reproductive praise.

"The letter was sealed with a sphinx, had no superscription, and was written in cyphers; this, however, did not discourage me, for I have some knowledge of this mode of writing. I copied it hastily, as there was every reason to expect that she would soon miss it and return in search of it.