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"If the little brown-faced girl hadn't vamoosed I declare if I wouldn't feel like making you get down on your knees, and asking her to excuse you. Bah! you're not worth bothering about, Peg. Get out!" The other moved away. He did not like the manner in which Bob said this; and he seemed to be afraid that perhaps the other might yet decide to press some further indignity on him.

Do you remember, Pietro, what you had done before I shipped you?" "Bah! I killed a Custom House officer, that is no crime." "So, and what was the matter with you, Rosario?" "Captain," answered Rosario, proudly, "you ought to know what a vendetta is." "Didn't I say so? You are all as innocent as newborn babes. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves."

"Think how the divine poet listened to her words as to revelations. Be thou Dante, and she Beatrice." "Bah, Dante! bah, Beatrice!" cried Liszt, "the Dantes create the Beatrices. The genuine die when they are eighteen years old." At length the gipsy spirit moved Liszt to make a long continental tour to complete the depletions in his purse.

The Navahos seized him on either side and forced him down again. He caught a glimpse of Carmena futilely clutching for Slade's throat. The big man burst into a bellow of contemptuous laughter and flung her from him. "Bah!" he jeered. "What you bucking about? Don't figger I want you any more, do you?" "No no, of course not. I But Jack's head If you hogtie him " "Got to be kept quiet, ain't he?

I shall be rude to you when I am in a rage, and tell you the truth, and you shall call me many bad names. Then we shall be perfectly good friends. You will say, "Bah! it is only old Schreiermeyer!" and I shall say, "Pshaw! Cordova may call me a brute, but she is the greatest soprano in the world, what does it matter?" Do you see? We are going to be good friends!

At this threat the soldiers dropped their swords and axes, and all fell upon their knees, trembling visibly and imploring their cruel master not to change them into june-bugs. "Bah!" cried Nerle, scornfully; "why don't you fight? If we kill you, then you will escape being June-bugs." "The fact is," said the captain, woefully, "we simply can't fight.

He could undoubtedly have amassed a greater income had he taken advantage of the deaths of colleagues established in more important centers, by taking their places and carrying on their business. But the trouble of moving and the thought of all the preparations had always stopped him. After thinking the matter over for a few days, he would be satisfied to say: "Bah! I'll wait until the next time.

I've felt bad seeing you living this way and I've done the best I could; but I am to be let into the greatest gang on earth. I will make money from the start, and you will be let in and we can in a few weeks make a big stake and skip. What I tell you is no fairy story." "Bah! Tom, I've heard your wild tales before." "This is no wild tale. I tell you in a few weeks we will be flush."

"I was not aware," another replied, "that you considered the French Revolution such an unmixed evil." "Ah," Napoleon rejoined, "you wish to say that without the revolution you would not have had me. Nevertheless, without the revolution France would have been more happy." When invited to visit the hermitage of Rousseau, to see his cap, table, great chair, &c., he exclaimed, "Bah!

Marianne stole sixty mètres of nets from the fishing crew at 'The Three Wolves' she is hopeless, my friend." With a vibrant gesture he straightened up in his chair and flashed his keen eyes to mine. "For ten years I have tried to reform her," he declared. "Bah!" and he tossed the stump of his cigarette into the blaze.

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